Do you know about Diaries? A YouTube channel from long time contributor Gregory Marler, about what they're mapping now. It's a great way to see the nuts and bolts of OSM mapping

I think needs more . There are hardly any on YouTube, and some people really like looking at videos. We can reach them that way. Screencasts can be very useful for showing how to use software.

Yes I know that means I should make some videos.

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Between "OpenStreetMap US" & "State Of The Map" there are 450 videos on YouTube. "Humanitarian openstreetmap team" has a bunch more and a 25 video playlist called "Learn To Map". I know I've seen more sources but I can't recall the channel's name.


@Orthodoxy_is_unconsciousness yep, I know there's loads of conference videos. And HOT has done a lot. And there's a few other bits. But that's it. 🙂 We could benefit from much more.

@Bristow_69 @Orthodoxy_is_unconsciousness Yes any videos we make, we should add to peertube like sites aswell!

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