I'm going through venues in with the "gay" tag, looking for their websites, and adding the "lgbtq=primary" and other details from their website.


I hope to make the best open database of venues!

It can be tricky to use a website for adding details to , since the site might be up, but the venue closed. Pubs & nightclubs usually have photos or posts on their Facebook or Twitter accounts, so you can confirm they are still active.

@kellerfuchs Well I'm just cleaning up data that others have added. So there's *bound* to be loads missing. We only have ~650 entries so far. You can probably help by adding some data to yourself.

A venue might be in OSM, but not marked as already. If you can't do too much work, feel free to DM me the name(s) and I'll look at sprucing up OSM. 🙂

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