Maybe should distribute the planet file (ie entire database) over BitTorrent? Decentralise things!

The problem is to mantain it up to date. The map is changeing every day

@felix the planet file is only released by is only created once a week. So that file would be good for a week. There is a BitTorrent extension which tells clients to check for a new torrent file, so you can "update" the torrent with new data that would then be mirrored

@felix I have tested the limits of the forum's handling of unicode, and I am currently locked out of it. I'm working with forum admins to fix it. 🙂

Oh, so you are allmost an osm developer. If the torrent thing goes on, please give me advise. I'll seed it.

@felix 🙂 TBH I'm just thinking outloud, brainstorming. I don't think I have any serious time for a quirky little side project like this, so it probably won't happen. 🙂

The problem with bittorrent is that it's only suitable for static files.

As soon as you update the planet file, you have to share an entire new copy, and form a new swarm around it. The parts that didn't change cannot be reused.

But...wouldn't IPFS, or even DAT with incremental updates be better solution than torrent?


@stalker @Coffee Yes would work too! 🙂 And you could put the whole replication osc diff files in ipfs as well.
Torrent is just so common that it's easier to suggest

@stalker @Coffee I think is very similar to , tech wise, so there might not be a massive difference...

@Coffee I think there has been some work on making better for changing files like this. There's some extensions (BEP38 & 39) to tell clients to download a new hash, and for them to look at existing files when that hash changes. I think the internet archive pushed for these cause they use it.

But I have no idea about support for those features.

I've been out of the loop, so don't know about the latest developments. I do know an updating variant of bittorrent has existed for a while, but it was/is proprietary.

@Coffee well that spec is open source, and isn't very long. Implementing it could be really hard though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@rory The problem is the constant stream of data deltas. It's always WIP 😉

@blub yeah, but the planet file is only created once a week, so you could do that. Check out other replies where I mention the extensions for changing torrents, which could help.

@rory I like that idea. It would ease the load on the servers and allow for amateurs to contribute excess bandwidth easily

@DJWalnut I don't think the servers have any bandwidth issues now, but it does mean we're relying on goodwill for free bandwidth. I do like the idea of a decentralized sharing and pooling of resources 🙂

@rory yeah for things like apps that want to have their own private instance of planet. Osm it's perfect. You probably want traditional tile servers for the average user

@rory of course I did chip in $5 to OSMF that one day so the lack of bandwidth issues is a tiny part my doing

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