How could I advocate 162 MB of a web page?


Check if your new GeoJSON overlaps with any area already published on Tasking Manager.

I couldn't fall asleep last night. So I dug into another problem of the project -- intersecting areas. Finished today afternoon.

@daniel_bohrer Probably starting to get it. I don't insist on git and will use "repo" furthermore.

So the idea is to use one repo per embedded target with specific patches for different released software.

Can't be helped but I think that using one repo per embedded target with submodules pointing to branches of that software repos is maybe a bit work but more upstream friendly?

@daniel_bohrer I'm not an embedded developer, so I'm sorry for maybe stupid questions.

So, there is in fact git repository that stores git patches that are going to be applied to another git repository when cross-compiling? Why is such an approach better than separate branch for desired target in the original repository?

@daniel_bohrer I'm wondering why would anyone diff the git patches?

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10... no, 100 times this. XMPP and IRC are very good communication protocols, there's no need to replace them with something "modern"

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Universal Audio's official forum account said they would add Linux support if "tens of thousands" of people signed a petition.

Here is that petition!

And here is the forum post

@blub @AkuAnakTimur However you sometimes really need it, don't you?

java -Xmx8G -jar ~/download/josm-tested.jar

or if you use tiling window manager

_JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1 java -Xmx8G -jar ~/download/josm-tested.jar

Cleaning up after Divide and map. Now. areas

Just few days after the project annual diary. That's kind of a bad luck.

@pinkprius quadcopters are applied in military. However, there are also used for getting aerial images that help with mapping for humanitarian organizations. The simillar goes for other robots, IMO.

@pinkprius I'm not sure if robotics can be military. (Not talking about robotics applications.) What about quadcopters?

@ArneBab @spectrumgomas @AbbieNormal 15 years... well, I've learned dvorak layout in 3 months, IIRC, by practicing each evening for 10 minutes. I believe the same works for text editor (I'm using vim, sry,) or for git.

@grin @session Hmm, is still not yet on F-Droid. I don't care much as I keep with but it maybe says something about the target audience.

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Autem jen pětina cest. Data jsou navíc z doby covidové, kdy počet jízd autem vzrostl.

"Menšina blokuje většinu" v reálných číslech.

Čili: větší podpora veřejné, pěší a cyklistické dopravy je v Praze velmi žádoucí. A je dobře, že se tak i reálně děje. 👍


crypto, NFT, bla 

@LouInABox I always try wikipedia first...

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@amapanda @CjMalone Being a database, I would be pretty scared, too ^^

@InsertUser @CjMalone that's unfortunate shame. I think the problems should be solved in proper places. And, when using a database to store some data, the proper place is usually the database.

@CjMalone good. now it's time for databases to be scared of you.

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