Next diary: Manager and issues from the project point of view

It's nice to get inspired by the similar software, isn't it?

BTW the _merge_ functionality available in is inspired by some discussion related to HOT TM, too. My favorite part of the _make merge available_ story is that I've implemented it in 10 hours. Since the decision I will do it till the merge commit.

@qeef I was not expecting my feature request to be quoted by another project two days later. The only reason I went with STM was that I didn't think anyone would be interested in seeing my project, the lack of split functionality is painful for some areas.

@InsertUser Well, it's true I was checking new issues just before the publication, and slightly updated the diary.

I'm sure STM is good for some mappers/use-cases. Also, I don't think that damn will implement something like private areas, just because of the philosophy, but it's not decided yet. Anyway, I believe that closing things kills the collaboration.

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