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Time for One punch man. I love that series :D

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I just updated client.damn-project.org/ of the project -- it's possible to send messages over osm.org to the author of the commit.

I know what. I should have done lightning talk about mapathoner plugin qeef.gitlab.io/mapathoner/ for @sotm . My bad.

Finally, this is not the way to go. Uploading 1.3 GB of polygons took almost six hours, which is fine. However, I aborted the nearest polygon search after four minutes. This should be pretty fast to be usable.

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So sr.ht/~qeef/click-building/

Few things:
- Too much beers to continue.
- Uganda buildings footprint still storing to database.
- Probably unusable because it takes 10 seconds on localhost to find the nearest geometry. (TODO: better structure the database? But how?)

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RT @Enock4seth@twitter.com:
We are not a map, we are a database that you can use to create a map! YES!

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The mirroring of tweets from the twitter account (twitter.com/sotm) to the fediverse at @sotm should be working now. Maybe…

Twitter is not as friendly to 3rd party uses of our tweets as they used to be... 🙁 Please feel free to tell if if it's not working 😉

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Some creatives in the page on FB shared this poster of Pinoy folks with presentations for ,

Image is not mine.
RT @MapAmorePH
Take note that there are Filipino presenters participating in :
1. "Drones for Community Mapping" by @leighmedy at 18:45 PST, July 4, Saturday

2. "MapBeks: Mapping of HIV Facilities and LGBTQ+ Spaces" by @mikkotamura at 18:00 PST, July 5, Sunday

... twitter.com/sotm/stat…

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Viber is a popular messaging platform in the Philippines, and they just announced they're cutting their ties with Facebook and Instagram.

They are also "removing Facebook technical technology from Viber's own app" , which I take to mean as all those invasive means of tracking users so they can monetize from them.


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#Mapillary contributors: you have the power to take action today to respond to the Facebook acquisition.

Check out these two scripts to get your full-res photos back and delete them from their archive:

- Take Out script:

- Exit Mapillary script:

Don't let #Facebook lucrate on your original content. Claim back your photos and remove them from their database.

#tracking #OSM

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Last night's session was a continuation of last week's exploration of microtasking platforms. This time we delved into Divide-and-Map. Now (aka DAMN) and an overview of making challenges with @maproulette

The video is here youtu.be/XZiHSXCmL-s

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This Wednesday, on , we're carrying-on with platforms. This time featuring (Divide and Map. Now) and , which got bumped off last week.

See you soon! For details: is.gd/7xktlx

You know, I really like how doc.rust-lang.org/book/ is written. I read the sentence. Question pops up in my mind. The next sentence immediately answers that question.

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