OSM is not an image database, but there are ways you can relate POIs to photos (that you own).
For a single photo, upload it to Wikimedia Commons and use the wkimedia_commons=* tag. The best way, however, is to create a Wikidata item for the POI, where you can host many photos for different statements, and then use the wikidata=* tag.

See it in action:


(3) Review places you've been to at lib.reviews/

(4) Discuss tagging problems and strategies at our Matrix or Telegram rooms before submitting proposals to the tagging mailing list.

That's it for now!

(2) Add missing information to existing POIs. Social media and website are useful to know the place and whether it's still active. Check the pad for more useful tags:


Want to improve vegan mapping around your area in ways other than adding new POIs? Here are a few suggestions:

(1) Check if existing POIs are tagged with the old cuisine={vegan,vegetarian} scheme and change it to a corresponding diet tag. Instructions in the pad:


OpenVegeMap 0.8.2 released.

- Added taginfo.json file
- Added Reviews link [using lib.reviews]
- Added support for descriptions [using description=* tag]


Avoid using Maps.me to add vegan or vegetarian POIs. It uses the old cuisine scheme and the issue report was ignored.


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