Ebrahim shares how the community plans to tackle the many challenges they are facing to grow their community!

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درحالی که چندین زلزله به بزرگی ۶٫۴ ریشتر در استان هرمزگان رخ داده، ما در جامعه OSM ایران قصد داریم با هم معابر و ساختمان‌های مناطق آسیب‌دیده را رسم کنیم تا به نیروی امدادی برای رسیدن به مناطق زلزله‌زده کمکی اندک کرده باشیم.

شما هم می‌توانید به ما کمک کنید:

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As a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Hormozgan, we in Iran OSM community are going to map the roads and buildings of the region in order to help the local Red Crescent Society reaching the affected households.
You can help us in our goal by undertaking a task in tasks.osmiran.ir/projects/2

Tonight, the Iranian vehicle for hire company is going to present how they used their driver GPS data to find and map missing roads in OpenStreetMap.

To celebrate the 17th birthday of OpenStreetMap we will be conducting a series of get-togethers every day over the course of a week, starting from tonight at 22 IRDT (17:30 GMT). During these celebrations, we will also take time to remember our recently deceased friend MohammadReza Norouzi.

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