Twitter blocks us for promoting Free Software alternatives. A good example why tech monopolies are dangerous.

@osm_foss Why is your account suspended ? Did Twitter explain ?

No idea. We set this up with same logo and description as here and added a bridge to tweet our toots. We have already given a phone number to "authenticate" us as an individual. We followed the steps to appeal and haven't heard from them for a few days.

@osm_foss oh wow that sucks... I wonder if they're blocking services....

Yes, this could be an explanation. We are not spamming we are just using the API through the bridge to post a few tweets. If they block, it is comes close to not giving free alternative a stage but rather silence us there.

@osm_foss which part of the rules are they claiming you violated? I can't find anything remotely related to "promoting free software alternatives" in the rules unless I'm missing something?

We did not receive any explanation on the rules we supposedly broke. We provided all steps to verify us as humans and handed in a special petition to get unblocked. No answer in almost a week now. They just do whatever they want.

@osm_foss this is very common, unfortunately. Using a VPN and/or a privacy friendly mail host increases the chance of getting your account locked or suspended. Usually they will unlock your account after you complain that you didn't do anything wrong (the text on the web form is ignored, make sure to copy & paste it as a reply to the email you'll get as a first response). Most of the time this takes 2 weeks or more.

@jomo @osm_foss i have a lot of fun (not) trying to use that website over tor...

using twitter over tor 

@jomo @osm_foss "
What happened?
In order to make sure Twitter is as safe as possible, sometimes — like now — you may be asked to confirm you’re not a robot. Easy, right? Just complete the following to get back to the Tweets.
What next?
For full access, please:

Pass a Google reCAPTCHA challenge"

argh stuck in an endless loop...

@osm_foss what - really? cheez 😞 Twitter looses me more 'n more.

@nm17 I don't think big corps _ever_ give information like that to the little people like you or me

@rory I know, but they at least send you an email usually. Did they really ban this account without any warning? Maybe contacting their support could help? Wouldn't hurt to try at least...

@nm17 I have no idea, and I'm involved with that twitter or fedi account

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