One of my favorite - based map projects, It's already known by many, though it continues to grow and metamorphize ... Shows , and information.

@osaka_ali It would be cool to have more /#indigenous languages for things in . Do you know anyway to help with that?

@rory ... working on it at the moment with some folks here in Southern Mexico. In this area, the Ch'ol, Tzotzil, Tzeltal and other indigenous languages are spoken frequently. OTOH, there are relatively few OSM mappers. Some OSGeo steering committee members are pretty interested in diversifying the spectrum of languages utilized to communicate geospatial info/education, worldwide.

Here's a promising project in my part of the world:

@rory @osaka_ali By all means, please. I feel like I'm the only one handling this in the midwestern US and I'm a bit disenfranchised from my tribe (sadly, a surprisingly common thing) and still piecing things together myself.

@BalooUriza @rory "I feel like I'm the only one handling this in the midwestern US ..." Do you mean to say that you're a contributor to the project?

@BalooUriza @rory Oh. Well, anyway, I could imagine you might feel a bit disconnected. Is this right? 🤔

@osaka_ali @rory Well, disconnected from the tribe largely because I didn't grow up with it.

@osaka_ali OMG!

I'd been planing to do something like this for Australia, and here it is already! If even handles the fuzzy borders and things pretty well, thanks for making me aware of this!

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