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OpenStreetMap is a freely editable map, which sometimes attracts vandalism. We condemn anti-semitism, and the recent defacement around New York. The community fixed this issue within 2 hours, and the vandal has been blocked from further editing.

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One thing is the tools to prevent this simply aren't there. The history tool is useless because it is spamed by large bounding boxed edits that go over but may not have any edits in your area. Maybe some things should be off limits for new users. Notifications for edits in your area and locking certain objects prone to vandalism might be a good idea. I would look to Wikipedia for some inspiration.


This showcased the typical response where active mapping community exists, but at the same time highlights one the challenges for end-users that sought to use the data from #openstreetmap

@openstreetmap It's interesting to note that in the #mapbox blog, they mentioned that their AI flags 70,000 changesets - potentially malicious, that require manual review.

@openstreetmap Just a moment, the event in question consists of changing the name of the city of to Jewtropolis?

That's all right, but what's antisemitic about the change? It is just a name occasionally used within the community itself to refer to Brooklyn / New York.

Am I missing something?

@61 @openstreetmap I did not know that with the community. Most user on Earth may not know it. But most may NOT interpret it as positiv semitic.
Facts are good. But none of the reactions to the fun-vandalism did contain this fact (If it is thrue)

@karlos @openstreetmap Difficult to find examples now that the search engines have been contaminated with the recent news, but here is one such:

If you have other “social” media accounts, try searching people by location using that appellative (I can't do this myself).

The vandal was an idiot and big-time troll, but no indication of racial hatred unless I'm missing something.

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