Applications for @sotm 2020 scholarships are now open! This year we are offering new travel grants to reimburse a portion of travel costs, in addition to our previous program that fully covers all costs with a full scholarship: Deadline: 15 February 2020.

Community members, what are your thoughts on OSM's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats that OSM faces? Please share them on the wiki page created by @allan_mustard:  (you need an OSM wiki account). Read more:

Can you help us review the State of the Map 2020 scholarship applications? Read more at The deadline for expressing interest to be in the review and selection team is the 7th of January, 2020 @sotm

Indeed the  site has been undergoing a revamp lately. Check it out and link people to it if they need to switch to OpenStreetMap!

OpenStreetMap data being used to calculating routing distances to sanitation facilities in Lusaka, Zambia. A project presented at a @gatherhub_ "data dive" event: 

Erasmus students of @euYoutH_OSM from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Germany and Ireland, during a mapathon in @PortmarnockCS, mapping Lesotho and Mozambique

Last year Bence Mélykúti had some fun with OpenStreetMap data for Germany and Hungary, blogging about Santa's Christmas delivery route! What OSM data experiments will this Christmas bring?

Teachers from Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Germany met in Saarburg, Germany for a week-long training session in humanitarian mapping and a first hackathon, to kick off a two year Erasmus+ project @euYoutH_OSM

Over the past quarter we have, for the first time, sustained an editing rate of over 100,000,000 edits per month! Stats are newly updated at:

If you want to become a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and cannot pay the membership fee, it is now easier to join as the fee can be waived. Read about our Fee Waiver program and how to apply:

The post is also available in: ES, FR, NL, PT-Br

OpenStreetMap developers are gathering for the "Karlsruhe Hack Weekend" again this coming weekend: Hosted at @Geofabrik offices (or last year there were too many hackers and they needed this overspill room in the university nearby!)

Great work by @hotosm volunteers responding to hurricane Dorian (and also a good @NPR article introducing OpenStreetMap)

Over 500 people have converged on Heidelberg this weekend for the big OpenStreetMap international conference "State Of The Map"  @sotm

Will you attend @sotm? You can become an OpenStreetMap Foundation member or renew your membership on-site. Interested? Read more about membership  and our fee waiver program and visit the OSMF table (close to the welcome desk).

A special beer being brewed for the State Of The Map conference this weekend

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We need your vote at the OpenStreetMap Awards! This is your chance to show your appreciation to many people who have spent their time moving the project forward:

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Survey on the global and local communities in OSM! Let's get together online or irl and discuss. Group answers can be provided

Translations by community members in: de, es, fa, fr, hu, it, lt, pt-BR, zh-Hans, zh-Hant-HK

End of survey period: 2019-08-21

Want to help make () more useful for new people interested in ?

The is several lists of people who post about a topic here on the fediverse. It's a good way for new people to get started by finding people who share their interest.

And now there's a list for OpenStreetMap folk! 🙂 If you toot a lot about and would like to help new people, request to be added to the list. Or use it to find other OSMers to follow.

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