Upcoming sessions in 15 minutes: Track 1: Earthquakes and OpenStreetMapTrack 2: Examining spatial proximity to health care facilities in an informal urban setting

RT @Enock4seth: We are not a map, we are a database that you can use to create a map! YES!

@openbuildingmap I love the Fediverse call out! Thanks. 🙂👍

Have you seen what we're doing in Ireland with our project to (manually) map all the buildings in Ireland?


The global #OpenStreetMap conference "State of the Map" (@sotm ) is happening this weekend. Instead of meeting in Cape Town, we do it online. The good part: No registration needed, just chime in! 2020.stateofthemap.org/program

@openbuildingmap Your additional levels are interesting.
To add partly transparent 2D tiles is a clever and simple idea.
To make data analysis is an even more basic idea.
It could be used by other renderers to.
I would like to see it as an plugin in a 2D client-side vector renderer.

All new development is happening here salsa.debian.org/openbuildingm Join us in this great space if you want to collaborate with us!

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