@erock did custom domain routing break somehow on prose.sh? I didn't change any settings but ma.rtijn.org now routes to the prose.sh homepage.

building a small website like it's 1999: editing html files directly on the server and drag-dropping assets into a CyberDuck window to upload. Feels liberating tbh.

Finally did some wide-aperture testing on my . It's actually pretty bad! Need to do some more testing with subjects farther away. ma.rtijn.org/20220723-fujifilm

We are delighted to open the CALL FOR VENUES for 2023!


We can help you investigate and develop a suitable bid! Please contact us sotm[at]openstreetmap.org

or directly start your bid here: wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/St

Deadline: 27 August

The OpenCage Blog interview series with communities around the world is with Martijn van Exel @mvexel this time to hear all about OpenStreetMap in Utah: blog.opencagedata.com/post/ope.

Asked on the legal-talk mailing list about the license for OSM user diary content. CT seem unclear on this. See also OSM community forum topic: community.openstreetmap.org/t/

Open Social Media at OpenStreetMap: blog.openstreetmap.org/2022/06
The OSMF is pleased to financially support the en.osm.town mastodon service (It's like twitter but on open internet protocols)

I'm really loving prose.sh by @erock and Antonio Mika. Using it for ma.rtijn.org now. Give it a try if you live on the command line (ehm unlike me but I still like it :))

the most important criterion to decide whether a platform is worth joining is not part of the analysis: are the people I want to talk to actually on there?

Happy to announce I have contributed over 75,000 photos to #openstreetcam, that's nearly 1,000km of footage. This is the (one of the) #opensource equivalents of Google Streetview. This was possible thanks to a Waylens dashcam sponsored by Telenav!

Computer vision and machine learning learns how to recognise street signs and traffic rules from this footage.

Check it out! openstreetcam.org/
If you are still using Google Maps, please check out osm.org/
#gis #osm #openstreetmap

It's been a while since I did some PostGIS / dataviz stuff.. 'Mappedness' of towns in OSM, with some useful comments (thanks!) openstreetmap.org/user/mvexel/

En OSM Town | Mapstodon for OpenStreetMap

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