oh, its probably flat on the ground- hence the shadow under it, but still, function?

Does anyone have any idea what this thing (I suppose machine) is?

It looks like a quarry or mine and this is for extraction. It's big- 25-30m double that if it's not a shadow at the articulation. This is in Western Iraq, for context.

I noticed this just now, I don't speak Arabic, but I'm guessing this isn't just chance. I looked, and the area is fully built up, so the building that are outlined are deliberately chosen (to make what I think is text). It's in Aleppo BTW. I'd love to know the translation, and what (if anything) needs to happen about it.

It's very UK, sorry, no London-centric but Map Men on YouTube is kind of great, especially if you like that sort of humour.


Ita Buttrose 

There are good reasons I don't recommend Maps.Me to friends. Here's 15 more.

a friend of mine who spends a LOT of his time picking up plastic waste from parks, rivers, streets, etc. had a good idea. He decided to photograph the non biodegradable waste and tag companies on social media with it. So if he finds a plastic Subway cup, he tells Subway about it with the message "is this yours?" I dig this because it's not something that blames the consumer. It puts the blame where it belongs: on the producer.

There was a report by the International Energy Agency in 2014 that found it would take almost $1 trillion per year to finance the transition away from fossil fuels before 2050.

The UK as a nation state commits 1.55% of greenhouse gas emissions, so we're looking at a price tag of £11.89 billion committed to this transition each year. The combined net worth of all the UK's billionaires is £124.75 billion. Most of these billionaires made their money directly or indirectly from the exploitation of the environment. This doesn't even account for the countless multimillionaires also in the top 1% who together own £9.5 trillion. We only need 4% of this money to have paid back our climate debt with interest.

Climate Change is Class War. No ifs, ands or buts.

Not my fucking CEOs. Maybe News corp's CEOs. Capitalism's CEOs finally fucked up so badly they had to resign. No criminal prosecution though I notice.

Coolest christmas thing to do in the Netherlands: visit the Church in The Hague that is entering its 9th week of holding uninterrupted 24/7 church services to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.
The church always needs at least one visitor to legally be in service so a time like 5 AM is the very best moment to come show your solidarity.


"Experts have predicted up to 1,500 individual private jets flights will be made in and out of this year’s Davos summit, despite hosting a series of talks on the dangers of man-made climate change."



Q. What should I use to protect myself from surveillance on a Chromebook?

A. A hammer.

#Privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism

"The chief executive of a small pharmaceutical company defended hiking the price of an essential antibiotic by more than 400 percent and told the Financial Times that he thinks “it is a moral requirement to make money when you can.”

"MORAL REQUIREMENT TO MAKE MONEY" let these 5 words sink in.



Seas absorb 90% of climate change’s energy as new research reveals vast heating over past 150 years.

I'm done with Google's Android, too many privacy issues. Would a custom ROM really fix any of that?

#Liberapay is a libre alternative to Patreon. It lets you donate a regular amount of money to your favourite project every week, month or year.

The official website is at:


You can follow them on here at:


The site itself is paid for by donations made to it through Liberapay.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Donations #Patreon #Funding

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