The OpenStreetMap World Discord server ( ) is hosting virtual Spring mapathon(s) during the weekends of March 27th and April 3rd (Spring break).

You do not need to stay the entire time delegated on the calendar (you can even just stop by).
You must join the server to participate in the voice/video call and organization of the event.
The actual date(s) of the mapathon(s) will be selected March 20th.

Availability Survey:

Hi! I'm active on the OSM World Discord.

I don't know if anyone recognizes me.

I joined because I saw this on the OMSF mailing list.

The Foundation is running a survey (in 13 languages!) to find out more about the community. It should only take a few minutes, and we'd greatly appreciate as many responses as possible., 🙂 (pls boost)

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