Sunshine falling in by the transparent windows.
You should start tagging your furniture in now? No!
This is intended for universities and shopping center, for airports and congress buildings, for subways and may be complex cinemas.

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Universal-Sci @twitter@universal_sci:
The Mercator projection vs the true size of each country.

I still don't understand this. A roundabout near the poles should look like an egg on bitmap tiles, wouldn't they? But they don't!

@karlos That‘s what I need it for:
Open Mapbox banche, open OSM tiles, open for various languages.

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Hi @Eric_B
Is @jjmontes@twitter @yourcityracing@twitter also at the fediverse?

Hi! Ola! Totay I did watch your Lightning Talk about DDD123-OSM and was quite impressed what you alrady got. I like your tunnels and bridges.
As you may se, I developt OSMgo. And actually OSMBuildings and me are working on a Web-Frontend.
I wonder ..

@openbuildingmap Your additional levels are interesting.
To add partly transparent 2D tiles is a clever and simple idea.
To make data analysis is an even more basic idea.
It could be used by other renderers to.
I would like to see it as an plugin in a 2D client-side vector renderer.

‪Schöne Sachen bekommen heute‬
(Karton LEGO mit ISS, Buch „Die lange Reise“, Kekse mi Baileys‬)

Ein Welt-Umradler hat mir in sein Buch
Grüße an die - Gemeinde geschrieben.
Seine Bücher sind zu empfehlen, wenn man Abenteuern und vom realen Leben in anderen Ländern lesen möchte.

Die ist in München
findet in jedem Stadtteil eine!
Der letzte Abspann, macht ermittelbar, wo die Straße liegt:

Jeder erkennt die Frauenkirche, Ortskundige rechts in Gelb die Theatinerkirche und näher Ludwigskriche: Der Blick geht von Nord-Nordost
In der Bildmitte ist die N-S verlaufende Kaulbachstraße mit dem Newman Haus. Die Häuser davor sind auf Luftaufnahmen identifizierbar
Und die ganz nahen sichtbaren Gebäude davon sind #66/65
Davor getrickst das Studiogelände

It´s raining. We Need the water, our subterranean water is to low. There are control points monitored on web sites. And they use with Vorrecht contributions:

This looks like a good way to do
browser/cliend-side of s.
The actual tile renderer is written in C++ and could be compiled to .

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