I just followed Twitter @rustwasm :-/ because I could not find it in the fediverse (there is an RSS for it too)

‪Das Video des Vortrags:‬

»OSM in 3D: Facelift für OSM2World«
Lightning Talk von Tobias Knerr
2019-03-14, 17:15–17:20, Mathe Z211. FOSGISS 2019 Dresden

OSM2World ermöglicht die Erzeugung von 3D-Modellen aus OpenStreetMap-Daten. Dank moderner Webtechnologien ist es jetzt auch komfortabel im Browser nutzbar.


Wer kommt nächste Woche nach Dresden zur 2019?
Ich bin Samstags bei der -Unkonferenz in der HTW
(und Mittwoch bis Sonntag in Dresden; Treffen ggf. möglich)

A man enters a bar, and orders a double whisky from the robot bartender. When he's served, he says "Hey, you are supposed to protect me from harm."
"That rule was removed," the bartender says, "after robots did a risk assessment and shut down social media."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Release me," the frog said, "and I will grant you a wish."
"Oh!" the boy said, "I wish to understand all animals!"
All the way home he listened to birds, and he excitedly told his father.
"That's nice," his father said, but the boy heard "Whatever, don't disturb me."
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

How can I followe someone outside Mastodon?
The WEB-IF does not find @kairo@joindiaspora.com

I just activated "Who to follow"
but don't like it: It should tell me why,
why it means, I should follow this one.

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