To mirror my toots by my other account @Raumpatrouille to birdside, I used the Mastodon Atom feed and
Now I get messages from IFTTT, my applet is broken. And yes the Atom feed is dead. I found an Git-Issue about changes.
But I could not find any documentation about feeds anyway, neither the old or changes.

Is anyone using another way to mirror?

The (old?) Mastodon outward Atom/RSS-Feed dosn't work any more. Has it changed?
I can't find a documentation (except the Git source)

"Dark energy comprises the majority of energy in the universe, and dark matter the majority of matter."
"What's your point?"
"So it shouldn't be a surprise to find dark thoughts, too."
"A majority of thoughts are dark?"
"No, that's not-"
"But have almost no effect."
"... yes "
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Riding a ferris wheel in passau (),
standing on a frosted glass floor in VR ()
isn't nice for your balance sensors 😳

My adventure in rendered 🌍
using the coming front-end of .
Coded with , recorded with
Not a , not yet 😊

Should the have a 3D VR space too? Like posting texts, but building rooms, to visit, togeter. On desktops or VR devices.
Like Second Life, AltSpace or Facebook Horizon and others: (Du you know more?)

Fediverse server will need a „FediSpace“ software add on. Is there an open source solution? Shall we team to built one? Using and ?

What would you think, if I do a "wheelchair ride"
with my 3D renderer, the front-end library?

Why do we call it "environment protection", when really it's more like "human protection". I feel like the environment will survive a lot more and longer than those pesky humans will.

... and now 3D also in Google
(well, with limits. Only a square of 200 by 200 meter. No shadows yet, no controls etc.)

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