Got some new ear speaker, wireles. But they don‘t play well.

Would you call this a Firefox error or a "feature"?:
Firefox Debugging, setting breakpoints in index.html works fine, if I start with
but not, if I start just with
The source tree shows not index.html but (index) in the last/bad case.
I should check if an Git-Issue already exists.

Its so silent about the . should set the deadline to "infinite". I don't want to replace all exiting coins:

Ich habe einen YouTube-👥👥🗣erstellt, (als Experiment)
damit wir noch einfacher 🎥 miteinander teilen können.
Einladung annehmen:

I have an now. Nice to use, and the next step will be to get into it. In mode is needed for and OSMBuildings. My first test (not OSM yet) is prommissing:

Meanwhile, inside the box, Schroedinger's cat plans its revenge:

#2143 "Disk Usage" 

The - map context menu now includes more special maps:
the Node-Types map
the Baby-Map and
the Farm-Shop map

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