Plausible is now installed on 9,120 sites and we’ve counted 171,811,460 page views in December 🚀

The sweetest thing about working on Plausible is that most of this market share we've taken directly from Google Analytics 😍

@tootapp I just discoverd: Long-pressing the „rotation-corner“ shows a list of my accounts to select.
There is no „help“ in the app? Not even a link to a web(-wiki)-page?

This person being born Vietnamese in Ohio, discovering a love of maps, surviving racism, and becoming a major contributor to #openstreetmap is a worthwhile read:

Have you tried the profile note feature on Mastodon?

✅ You can add your own notes to people's profiles on Mastodon: go to their profile page and click on "click to add note". Only you can see the note.

It's useful if you want to keep track of people you're interacting with, especially if their profile biogs are incomplete or absent. (For example if someone developed a particular app but their profile doesn't mention it, you can add a reminder for yourself.)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

That Doctor who looks exactly like the most relevant Geman covid expert Christian Drosten

1. Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins - Forged in Fire - Doctor Who - The War Doctor - Big Finish pushed the last BSD-licensed revision of MapBox-gl-js into
The next steps will be to fork all dependencies that had license change, remove MapBox naming, and organize maintainer community to merge PRs.

I wonder if 3D renderer like OSM2World could be integrated in

I didn't even realize their Mastodon account was gone until this update. (To be fair, I've been away for a while.) This is truly unfortunate.

"Our experience with the Fediverse, and why we left"

Read everything in a nutshell on // about:

#FOSSGIS #Konferenz on 06-09 June 2021 in Rapperswil, "die führende Konferenz für Freie und Open Source Software Geo-Software und #OpenStreetMap. Aufgrund der derzeitigen Pandemiesituation wird die FOSSGIS als hybride Veranstaltung geplant, d.h. es wird möglich sein nach Rapperswil zu reisen oder online teilzunehmen."

#foss #floss #osm #event

I need an eMail group service. Just sending to should send to a fix list of eMail receiver. I know a bit PHP only. Is there a wait for incomming mail?

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