It's rare, but sometimes I really do miss having a smartphone. I finished my first project (yabane design) and feel super proud of it, would love to share/brag.
For now, just imagine blue on white embroidery that's halfway decent. Gotta dig up a camera.

uspol, humor 

Stupid shit that the GOP believes: That the Democratic party has an overarching agenda that they are capable of enacting.

Stupid shit that the Democrats believe: That the Democratic party has an overarching agenda that they are capable of enacting.

Selfishly hoping that gas goes to $40 a gallon so I never have to hear a gas-powered lawnmower again.

One subscription service I did decide to pay for is my local PBS affiliate. Having every episode in the 40+ seasons of Nature and Nova is pretty great.

food / mushrooms 

As far as sustainable food goes, I think mushrooms are pretty high on the list. They can be grown in most climates with only moderate environment controls. They provide protein, nutrients, and are infinitely renewable. Most of the waste makes great soil for renewing agricultural soil.

I also like a mushroom food future more than an edible insect future.

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Good lord. A political ad on the radio for [local GOP candidate] literally made the case that [horrible lib opponent] said mean things about President Trump, and therefore they have personally insulted you, and you cannot trust them or their party.
Zero statements of policy, positions, anything. Just "they insulted Great Leader and I am not them!"

Apparently, there's something called #WeevilWednesday among #insect photographers. This probably won't take off here, but I like the #. CW: #bug very close #macrophotography #weevil

Before you travel, you have to do lots of prep. work.

Like map the buildings from aerial imagery into so there's some base for you to work with when you do the on-the-ground survey 😅

Anyway, as soon as the call for content is open, they're gonna get a flood of stuff.

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Me at a work conference: This stuff is for babies, where are all the advanced topics?
Conference organizer: Keep in mind that the presenters are all members of [Organization]. If there's content you'd like to see here, consider being a presenter next time!
Me: 😑

Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Don’t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: 💓

In a pre-coffee haze, I grabbed the wrong jar out of the spice cabinet. Turns out, curry powder tastes pretty good on bananas on toast! Just don't go into it expecting cinnamon.

It took until Book 6, but I *finally* had a dream set in the fictional world portrayed in Martha Wells' series. Thank you, subconscious, please send more.

That said, the nostalgic value of the boot sequence is helping balance the scales.

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Ugh, setting up WIndows 98 is super annoying. I guess my neighbors were throwing this thing away for a reason...

Starting my first foray into sashiko embroidery. Hopefully I can finish something in time for the wife's birthday (< 1 month).

My son fished an old Gateway PC out of someone's trash and wants to install Windows 98 on it. I'm having serious flashbacks to me at the same age (except for the garbage-picking part).


If your "tool" has a set of validation rules, but can also automatically identify features that are exceptions to said rules... Maybe you need to re-write the rules?


Go out there and plant some cool shrubs on corporate property. Who's gonna stop you, the cops? They're too busy shooting dogs and Deaf people and the homeless and the Disabled and their caregivers and black people and—

#greenanarchism #fuckcops #ACAB

niche bureaucracy rant 

Oh, and Exhibit D:

There are, at minimum, 7 required data layers from every single data provider (roughly one for each county in IL). We are all to be submitting our layers separately, while also communicating with our neighbors to ensure that our data aligns perfectly.

It's hard, knowing that you aren't in the best timeline. could do everything is trying to do, but so, so much better.

Welp. Back to ArcMap. 😖

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