Fun map showing the context for the names of streets and things around the world. It also lets you see street names based on gender.

The possibility to create tools like this is what's so amazing about !

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So pretty!

Too bad there's no GUI for either installation or use. But it's a project done in someones free time, so I'm not complaining. Really cool tool for those smart/patient enough to understand how to use it. :)

Awesome! Just found a map that shows you the OSM mapped giving boxes, tiny libraries, and the like:

Only problem is it's only in German, and I can't find anything about helping with translation.

Anyone know of similar maps in English?

Ok, you can report accounts, but it was already deleted :)

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So, I got my first spam via OSM! But there's no way to mark it as spam/report it?

Via @weeklyOSM:

"Requests have been made for comments on the following proposals:

cycleway:doorzone=* for indicating that a stretch of cycling infrastructure exposes a cyclist to the risk of dooring (colliding with a motor vehicle’s open door)."

This sounds like a good idea to me. A way for routing motors to find safer bike routes.

Hey. This is's new account for all things OpenStreetMap.

I want to gather links, info and thoughts relevant to OSM in a way that I can easily find it again when I need it, and also in a way that others can get some use out of it.

My main focus will be around things that are relevant for bicyclists. But also for pedestrians, users of wheel chairs, etc – what we in Norway call "myke trafikanter" ("soft road users").

I'm also interested in Humanitarian OSM and more.

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