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As reported by @derspiegel and @politico, Nextcloud has filed a complaint with the EU as well as the German anti-trust authorities over the behavior of Microsoft.

Find input from all the supporting organizations on our website antitrust.nextcloud.com


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In spite of situation in #Belarus now being largely forgotten by media, KGB is still sending groups of 50-100 people to try and forcibly cross the border force every night, with extensive use of lasers and stroboscopes against Polish border force.
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#UpcyclingAndroid is the FSFE's new initiative to help users overcoming #software #obsolescence. Every time we keep using our phone we support a more sustainable use of our resources. Our video explains the issue & how to tackle it using #FreeSoftware


#digital #sustainability

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Crip Camp

Down the road from Woodstock, a revolution blossomed at a ramshackle summer camp for teenagers with disabilities, transforming their lives and igniting a landmark movement.

Watch it here:


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#antifa #antifascist #action #solidarity #anarchy #anarchist #migrants #refugeeswelcome #refugees #refugee #border #borders #noborders #calltoaction #act #actnow #161 #nooneisillegal

Call for solidarity actions
For several months we have been witnessing a political game between the European Union, Russia, Poland and Belarus.As often in previous years, people deprived of their homes and looking for a better life, have become the tools of state authorities. [1/5]

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Visualizing physical decentralization of #Fediverse servers


Neat way to see all the big, popular data centers (hello, Hetzner Helzinki)

Or to explore smaller, less popular hosting providers.

👍 to @poduptime for this great map!

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Activists at the Polish border have started an info-channel to share information on the ground.


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been daydreaming about squatting the old gravel barges on the river,and building a big floating hall with water wheel powered workshop machinery, with houseboats and floating gardens tied up to it

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Manifestacja kurdyjska na granicy białorusko-polskiej przerodziła się w wymuszony przez służby białoruskie push-ahead.

Strzały przy granicy. Migranci wpadli w pułapkę i nie mają odwrotu 

Wieczorem migranci zaczęli rozkładać namioty i rozpalać ogniska w oczekiwaniu na mroźną noc. Za murem z drutu kolczastego widzą kordon polskich służb. Za plecami mają uzbrojonych białoruskich pograniczników, którzy nie zgadzają się na powrót do białoruskich miast. Taki jest na razie – o godz. 19 – finał nerwowego, przerażającego poniedziałku 8 listopada. Pomysł pokojowego marszu […]

#Kurdowie #migranci #białoruś #granica #noborders
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We are in solidarity with the protests against the strict Polish Abortion Act during the last week and especially on Saturday, the 6th November.
Distorted ideas of conservative forces must not promote discrimination anywhere in the world.

Want to know what happened?


It was fast evening trip, just between tricks an treats. We were chase by some ghosts, witches and skeleton asking for sweets but were bicycles were faster :)

Of course +

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Folks, have you checked out learnawesome.org/ - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant network for lifelong learners? Did you find it useful?

How can I make it better?

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Mądrzy ludzie od przyrody są też mądrymi w sprawach ludzkich
"Jesteśmy świadkami cierpienia setek ludzi poszukujących schronienia na terenie naszego kraju... choć sytuacja jest wynikiem prowokacji bezwzględnego dyktatora, nie zmniejsza to cierpienia jej ofiar. Nie zdejmuje też z nas moralnego obowiązku niesienia pomocy."


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Day 7 of asking @EU_DIGIT@twitter.com, @EU_ISA2@twitter.com & @Joinup_eu@twitter.com, EU's organisations that promote #Interoperability, to join an interoperable platform like #mastodon instead of ONLY using a Twitter account.

Ciekawe, jak wyglądałyby ceny, gdyby nie było dopłat do rolnictwa. Pewnie ciężko byłoby znaleźć "mięso" za 10zł/kg. krytykapolityczna.pl/swiat/ue/

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