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So I recently learnt that city has maps up to 10cm zoom level. This could be helpful for . They are updated every two years.


Though uncertain how to use this data!?

We call on people in positions of power in their FOSS communities to stop using GitHub and stop recommending it. GitHub, as a proprietary, trade-secret platform cannot be the singular development community for FOSS projects.

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Deceived by Design — 2018 Norwegian Consumer Council reports how Facebook, Google, and Microsoft use “dark patterns” to manipulate users into selecting less-private privacy options.

#ux #digitalprivacy #medialiteracy #socialdilemma

This past weekend was a fruitful one during a in the of .

Added a bunch of notes using in airplane. Mostly consisted of adding or updating benches. Though also adding step segments.

Although I think I implemented the data correct, I cannot figure out why the renderer is not presenting the wagnisArt in as expected.

It is totally fine as long as the `building:levels=3` but as soon as `building:levels=4`, it totally disregards the `building:part=yes` section.

If anyone wants to figure out the mistake, here is the source:

The only problem with taking screenshots of where amenities should be, is finding that location again on the full map. Had difficulty finding the third one and was first able to find it after learning the time the screenshot was made.

What amenity is depicted here?

Just finished 6/11 hikes around . Today's section: > > (ca 38km).

It was so hot today that my vision blacked out twice. Got to refill on the salt capsules more regularly.

Was able to survey 2 benches and 13 hunting stands for .

This year I designed the challenge to from each S-Bahn station to the next around :

Mammendorf > Geltendorf
Geltendorf > Herrsching
Herrsching > Tutzing
Tutzing > Wolfratshausen
Wolfratshausen > Holzkirchen
Holzkirchen > Kreuzstraße > Ebersberg
Ebersberg > Erding
Erding > Freising
Freising > Petershausen
Petershausen > Altomünster
Altomünster > Mammendorf

Sections are 15-40km and total distance about 240km.

Zoomed in image of the last frame of the GIF. One barely sees the driveways added.

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First time mapping on . Put a 4h session behind me. The progress below took about 3h. Will share the 1h progress once the render goes through.

With all the app choices to map on street level, my favorite way is still the offline option.

What amenity am I mapping here?

Got a buddy who wants to start contributing to and I told them about . So to guarantee that they have enough to map, I am doing a round of satellite mapping.

It's really amazing to see the dedication of some mappers.

LIke this 3D model of the iconic Manila Central Post Office building, by OSM user Sherwin59

Check it out using the 3D demo:

If I would have known early, I would have walked the distance. It would have been only 12km, thus two hours of fun. And in the end I probably would have been quicker by foot.

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Love waiting for the bus in . Though it really sucks when the two next buses were over capacity. Thus took the bus in the opposite direction to be the first one on there, so that I can guarantee travel.

Luckily the added express buses exactly in such situations when the service stops functioning correctly.

Lawful neutral 👋

Je suis désolé, mais un deuxième écran pour utiliser c'est indispensable, ça évite de faire les va-et-vient (Alt + Tab) entre X source de données et JOSM. 🙃


I'm lawful neutral 🤠 What say you? Any chaotic evil out there? 😏


Pure luck, but also pure fun! My guess landed only 16km away from the 🗺️ Daily Challenge target:

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Via WeeklyOSM:

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