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The first round of renders came through. Still trying to figure out how to get the roofing to render correctly.

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Was surprised to realized that landuse/natural was not completely mapped here. Still need to do some street level mapping to fully complete it. Though this is a nice start.

Just came across an tool that helps to see the changes in a location. Just went to see my changes in the past 7 days.


'Man kann ein Schiff nicht mit 15 Fahrrädern entladen & die Waren in der ganzen Stadt verteilen!'

--> Projekt in Frankreich ersetzt 150 Transporter mit 15 Fahrrädern, entlädt ein Schiff & spart so 122 T

Quelle: Twitter @ Storch_i
#Fahrrad #CO2 #Umwelt #Klima #Frankreich

Was going to wing this one with just the street level notes. Though luckily the is up to date.

I still do feel like it is not 100% and will need to go check it out in person again.

The in finally got a better rework than my previous attempt. Waiting for the 3d render to come through. But for now just some more minute details.

Took the time to add more details to the in . Didn't enter the school grounds to get these details. (Remember to follow the access laws.) Though now after seeing aerial imagery, I kind of have the urge to add even more details...

Why did it feel like Munich is missing a lot of parking spots?

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Even in a well mapped city like one can still find amenities that are missing. One just needs to know what to look out for.

Collected data while riding tram 16. Who said you had to be on foot while mapping?

A new study finds 3,000 websites on which third-party tracking companies scoop up what you type into forms in real time — even if you never hit submit. This happens on about 1,800 websites for E.U. users too, likely in violation of the GDPR.


Hey, pro-tip for people who hate moving: get into contributing to #OpenStreetMap, like unhealthily so.
Once you’ve developed that insatiable taste for mapping inane objects around you, instead of feeling like “oh no, moving again what an ordeal 😩” you’ll be like “bonza, unmapped fire hydrants in my area 🤩”.

Love seeing old added notes. At least this one had a good image to solve the note. Time to put my skills to use.

Now, the #bicycle #routing fixes i recently did in #Munich on #OpenStreetMap are live when using #GraphHopper. The time routing adopted to my changes was 3 days. #OSRM is not yet fixed since 4 days.

@mastobikes_de @mastobikes #osm #Mūnchen @openstreetmap

Using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, there are 242 ways to make change for a dollar

PEOPLE deserve privacy.

ORGANIZATIONS are not people, and therefore are fair game to demand transparency of.

That's why none of you know my real name, but I publish a transparency report every year for The New Oil.

Thank you to those who respect the difference.

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