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At this hack weekend, I'm trying to fix a bug in an apache module used for serving tiles


After a longer break, a Karlsruher Hack Weekend, 16 participants working on their projects, as always nice to meet up and discuss with other developers.


Join the Engineering Working Group to support the OSM developer ecosystem. To support the development of open source software around , the OSM Foundation launched the Engineering Working Group (EWG).

If there's an design/logo/image that you would like as a sticker, I can do the hard work of turning an image into stickers. 🙂 Just contact me and ask. 🙂

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I ordered another batch of “ Surveyor Was Here” stickers. ☺ They've always been popular.

I'm on the OSMF Board, and my term will end in Dec (along with 3 others).

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The next Annual General Meeting of the Foundation is in Dec.

If you want to be eligible to vote for new board members, you need to be an OSMF member before 12 Sept (i.e. soon!)

Good news! The has agreed to fund this server. More details to come.

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2 Public Discussions on the draft
Etiquette Guidelines this week!

-Thursday, 2 Sept at 14:00UTC
-Saturday, 4 Sept at 06:00UTC

More info:

Pls share!


Alas I am out cycling today, so I can't take part in the birthday party for . Have fun all of yous! Keep on mappin'!

There's loads of emails on the OpenStreetMap lists that I never get around to replying to....

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