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TOG (, a hackerspace was involved with years ago, recently moved premesis. I was called on to update !

Can anyone recommend a password manager that I can self host and works on my Linux desktop 𝗮𝗻𝗱 my Android phone?

Thank you to everyone who uploaded their selfies for our virtual group photo! Here's the latest version, feel free to share! :)

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I took the tile logs for the Standard Layer from Apr 13 to today, turned them into maps, and animated them. All higher zoom views are combined into z10 tiles.


I don't write a lot of long shell scripts, so bash's `getops` function has been suffiecient.

But now I really want long options & autogenerated help output...

I've created & uploaded several #Rust crates. Is there an easy & standard way to download/check them all out, and check if all the dependencies are at their latest versions, try to upgrade those deps & run my unit tests?

If you’re searching how to improve the completeness of mapping in your favorite area, StreetCompleteness shows completion percentage for chosen quests: streetcompleteness.haukauntrie.

We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any feedback about the recently concluded 2021 conference?

Tell us so we know what we did good and could improve!

Share here:

Are you attending ? 🗺
Do not forget to upload your selfie 🤳
We will make a group picture as a great memory from this year conference!
📸 👉🏻

I used this shell command to quickly find that example:

osmium tags-filter ~/osm/data/ireland-and-northern-ireland-latest.osm.pbf name -f opl -o - | grep -P "name=[^,]+%1f[0-9a-fA-F]{2,8}%" | head

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Did you know, the main carto style renders emojis in names? 👍 But in monochrome, not colour. 😭

I made a script to find long skinny water objects in . Use this to find things that need a `water=river` tag.

Oh look, it's a twitter account for LGBTQIA* people in !


Hello all! 👋🏳️‍🌈🗺


RT thank you for mentioning our treasured and inspirational mapper and chapter director AK Distil and her awesome channel "osm for history buffs"


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