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Mapping the addr:city tag in @openstreetmap@twitter.com around Dublin. Dublin obviously has a large reach, perhaps too far with the Balbriggan addresses, but interesting to see some of the areas that stand out.

Thanks to @UrbnWarfareDuck@twitter.com for the suggestion.

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@InsertUser yeah you should be able to cross the antimeridian. I was trying brute force search, but that's too time consuming, and I think you're right, one'd need to use some sort of triangulation preprocessing to start looking

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Thanks for all your contributions! now finished and ready for mappers to add addresses and building levels

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Someone wondered what's the largest bounding box in that doesn't have any nodes in it. That drove me down a rabbit hole. I didn't figure out how to do it, without just brute forcing it, but it was interesting to think about.

I use #ansible a lot and use ^--check to rerun an ansible check-mode, but for real.

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#bash tip: use ^foo to say run the last command, but remove the string “foo”. ^foo^bar means “replace “foo” with “bar” in the last command.

`anglosaxon`: new cli tool to convert large XML files into custom text formats based on the command line flags you give it. No coding needed
New tool from me, and designed to handle the 40+GB XML files we use in #OpenStreetMap

There are plenty of resources on how to get started in OpenStreetMap

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if there’s a worse signpost I’d love to see it

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@abeorch @ak It's possible for data to come from multiple sources of information. But in all cases, the source(s) of information have to be legally OK to use in OSM, 🙂

@abeorch @ak ish. *lots* of data in OSM comes from a single mapper with a single observation. Yes, all data must be “verifiable”, so any other mapper could come to the same conclusion (give or take), but it's totally fine if there is only a single source of information.

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We are having a virtual "map and chat" event next Thursday:

Thursday the 20th of January, 8pm.

Join for some casual mapping and conversation.


Location: chat.openstreetmap.ie

Password: open

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@ND3JR yikes. Issues of copyright infringement in OSM can be reported to the OSM Data WG (data@openstreetmap.org) wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Da

(I don't wanna name something that and have to spend 5 years answering questions from Americans. No point making work for myself. 😛)

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American English speakers: Does “freebie” make sense to yous?

Do you understand it as something which is free, a giveaway or handout? What a tech company would call “swag”? What I send out from the OSM Promotional Material Programme, all those stickers I give away?

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@lalonde@twitter.com ... And it reduces any FUD leverage google etc. sales people can use to scare potential customers.

In summary without being squeaky clean would have been a non-starter.

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@lalonde@twitter.com It should be noted that it has never been about being sued by google / HERE/ Tomtom / and so on.

Being squeaky clean allows use without being concerned that you / your company might inadvertently violating a 3rd parties rights. ...

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@selea @xarvos @cnx Firefox on my Debian laptop on the same wired network doesn't have this issue (prev was an Ubuntu desktop)

@ak editing the *images* in Google Street View? I know they blur some things, but I don't think they'd go as far as adding/removing a bollard from all relevant images...

Who knows though...

@selea yes I do! And I also see the same error. Chrome on the same desktop works, and curl on command line...

Wonder what's up with Firefox?

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