I'd like to make my own enamel pins for a project/group. Anywhere good in Germany/EU to get them done?

_(I'll be ordering the same design in bulk)_

Should the OSMF adopt a rule about holding the annual State of the Map conference (& regional variants) in places that are * unsafe?
I'm proposing this rule (cause I'm on OSMF Board), and I'm looking for feedback.
cf. lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm & then lists.openstreetmap.org/piperm

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I mapped this shop in as `shop=fashion_accessories`. `lgbtq=primary`

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My username is has lots of fun unicode characters.

It does mean I cannot log into the forum. Ah well.

The European Cyclists’ Federation (, ) is looking for an who knows how to use data to research and analyse cycling infrastructure in Europe and produce reports that strengthen ECF’s ability to influence EU policies:

@jorge which tells you something about how good your bike infrastructure is 😂

@jorge oh? It should ask you that for any bicycle parking..

Lot of mapping that doesn't require too much brainpower

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What are some mindless but productive things you do when you’re not at your cognitive peak but still wanna get stuff done?

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I mapped this shop in as `shop=fashion_accessories`. `lgbtq=primary`

@michuvon If you want to count them all in the photo, go ahead 😜

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street names in , ní gá a bheith i do ghinias chun é sin a thuiscint. youtu.be/5pHjqF_KRhQ .@johncreedon@twitter.com .@ManchanMagan@twitter.com @osm_ie@twitter.com

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Of course we’re super sad to not be able to distribute stickers at a #CCC event in 2021 but in the spirit of trying to make the best of the situation: We will organize a remote sticker exchange this year too! 🎇

Stay tuned - more infos soon :) #rc3

Have you ever wanted to see a map of the world in ? Where streets are as ?
Thanks to and Wikimedia, you can. 🇮🇪🗺

Finally met @liotier@twitter.com in person.
Slowly the Foundation Board will meet in person, one by one. 😂

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