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I took the tile logs for the Standard Layer from Apr 13 to today, turned them into maps, and animated them. All higher zoom views are combined into z10 tiles.

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Did you know, the main carto style renders emojis in names? 👍 But in monochrome, not colour. 😭


I made a script to find long skinny water objects in . Use this to find things that need a `water=river` tag.


Oh look, it's a twitter account for LGBTQIA* people in !

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Hello all! 👋🏳️‍🌈🗺

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In 1½hr I'll be taking part in an “Ask the Foundation Board Anything” session. Still some time to ask Q's (or do it live)

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Do you want to Ask the Foundation Board Anything? We're running a panel Q&A discussion at State of the Map (@SotM@twitter.com) in a few weeks.
More details here (& how to ask a Q):

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Explore the programme with a great choice of inspiring talks, innovative discussion and self-organised sessions!
🗒 2021.stateofthemap.org/program
Which speech are you most looking forward to? Let us know! 💬

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This weekend is the global conference will take place online ( 2021.stateofthemap.org/ ), and I've helped them set up a mastodon⇄twitter cross poster, so there'll be lots of fedi toots from @sotm

I have scheduled a (+ people in ) social meet for for 2021-07-10T0900Z (0900Z on Sat.)
Let's just hang out and chat. 🙂
Anyone with a ticket can attend (I presume?). I'll moderate.
Hopefully those in other timezones will schedule others.
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