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Thanks for all your contributions! now finished and ready for mappers to add addresses and building levels

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Someone wondered what's the largest bounding box in that doesn't have any nodes in it. That drove me down a rabbit hole. I didn't figure out how to do it, without just brute forcing it, but it was interesting to think about.

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@lalonde@twitter.com ... And it reduces any FUD leverage google etc. sales people can use to scare potential customers.

In summary without being squeaky clean would have been a non-starter.

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@lalonde@twitter.com It should be noted that it has never been about being sued by google / HERE/ Tomtom / and so on.

Being squeaky clean allows use without being concerned that you / your company might inadvertently violating a 3rd parties rights. ...

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Well this could have been awesomely useful for when we were mapping townlands in

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More experiments with .js smart segmentation: extra polyline simplification produces cleaner shapes. Tracing map features with will never be the same 🚀

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"huh my Internet connection is timing out"

*twiddles thumbs*

"I know! I'll do some mapping to pass the time"

hang on...

For years, the community has taken a “better safe than sorry” approach to what sources are acceptable, and erred on the side of not using something with questionable copyright/database rights status.

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is not a project to explore the grey areas of international copyright law”

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On the Atlantic coast of Ireland, there's “Kenmare River”. It's a bay, not a river, and yes, it's mapped in (as `natural=bay,name=Kenmare River`)

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It is an interesting question... When do we decide to map something in & give it a name=Null Island and then `place=locality` tag...

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And so another year ends for and this presents the opportunity to be idiosyncratic and target setting about my mapping in my diary openstreetmap.org/user/DeBigC/

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I got an invite code to . you know what that means! Time to visit the Foundation in the rC3 world

Looking for presents for some niblings, and I'm glad this puzzle book is promoting since its why the kiddos get this puzzle page.

Congratulations to @grischard@twitter.com for being elected as Chairperson of the Board.

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Looks like I'm Secretary of the Foundation Board again. 🙂

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