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Always good to see based maps in the wild, especially when the attribution is correct. .@osm_ie@twitter.com .@TFIupdates@twitter.com . I'm tracking one of the bus lines while typing.

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“You can't use that tag in , it hasn’t been approved yet!”

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❓ Say you were kidnapped, but allowed to keep Tweeting to pretend things are fine...What's a Tweet that screams 'you're not alright to followers', but your kidnappers don't know you're asking for help?

E.g. "ArcMap hasn't crashed all day!"

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I wonder if you can make an with 🔎🗺️ (and a ZWJ in middle) 🤔

People who regularly work with data: What's your go to small region for the initial test?

Mine's Malta, because it's easier to spell

has one tile rendering server for all of USA, and that server can no longer keep up with peak US traffic.

If you, or your company,are interested in hosting a rendering node in the US (or elsewhere), please contact us.

Tickets for in Firenze, Italia, the global gathering & conference are on sale now! 👍🏻🎟️

I've got my ticket! 🙂🙂☺️

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Check out our latest blog announcing the tickets and first look at the program!


PS. Early bird tickets closes 1 July or until supply lasts, so hurry!!

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All services are now back up and running. Happy mapping. We will post a post-incident review shortly.

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has been partially offline for the last few hours due to unexpected failure of network redundancy hardware. Our first such failure. We are working to resolve as fast as possible.

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If we were to write an blog post about this /#fedi server (en.osm.town), what would you write?
you can reply here, or email me amanda@technomancy.org

Some people (mea culpa) would have liked more details upfront, but in we often try things out first, and see what works. A do-ocracy. So “mod team trial” is in keeping with the OSM spirit 🙂

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The Foundation's Engineering Working Group (EWG) has commissioned Jochen Topf to write a study over the next months outlining the problems with our current data model, possible improvements and their impact on our systems.

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( stick programme is delayed while I move around my furniture and get floor replaced 🙂😜)

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