So yeah, maybe technically, if you squint your eyes, and you copy from GSV, and add things, Google Inc. isn't going to sue you, and the cops won't kick down your door if you do it just this one time. But the standard is to not do that.

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The fact that Null Island isn't an actual island doesn't mean we can't map `name=Null Island` in ...

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I'm a craft mapper. I'm a hacker. I'm a queer trans woman. I want to keep supporting the project, and I'd like you to consider giving me a preference/voting for me. 🙂

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It wouldn't be an Foundation AGM if I didn't break the wiki with fancy unicode and emojis 😂🙂

Excuse me @StreetComplete, haven't we talked about this sort of thing before.

Should the OSMF adopt a rule about holding the annual State of the Map conference (& regional variants) in places that are * unsafe?
I'm proposing this rule (cause I'm on OSMF Board), and I'm looking for feedback.
cf. & then

My username is has lots of fun unicode characters.

It does mean I cannot log into the forum. Ah well.

Rather than a simplistic delete-the-tags & add-new-tags, I moved the way from the old location to the new one.

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