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street names in , ní gá a bheith i do ghinias chun é sin a thuiscint. youtu.be/5pHjqF_KRhQ .@johncreedon@twitter.com .@ManchanMagan@twitter.com @osm_ie@twitter.com

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Finally met @liotier@twitter.com in person.
Slowly the Foundation Board will meet in person, one by one. 😂

I might try to make some of these maps this year... 🤔 Of course using only data and open tools. 🙂

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🎉Categories for 2021 🎉

Join in to create maps around these themes. Use your creativity and share your results with others! Starts 01/11/2021.

More information: github.com/tjukanovt/30DayMapC

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When you visit England and need to bring the level of detail in up to German standards

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I was asked to share the vacancy maps done in again. Here is Youghal with the vacant/ abandoned buildings in red (top left is the Carnegie Library, btw). And here is the query: overpass-turbo.eu/s/1bFf
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The documentation for making modules has this 90's internet graphical design vibe

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After a longer break, a Karlsruher Hack Weekend, 16 participants working on their projects, as always nice to meet up and discuss with other developers.

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I took the tile logs for the Standard Layer from Apr 13 to today, turned them into maps, and animated them. All higher zoom views are combined into z10 tiles.

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Did you know, the main carto style renders emojis in names? 👍 But in monochrome, not colour. 😭


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Explore the programme with a great choice of inspiring talks, innovative discussion and self-organised sessions!
🗒 2021.stateofthemap.org/program
Which speech are you most looking forward to? Let us know! 💬

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Make sure to tune in this Saturday 17:15 (10th of July). @BUnicycling@twitter.com will be presenting on Mapping Heritage in Ireland on @openstreetmap@twitter.com. No ticket needed for Track 1: 2021.stateofthemap.org/program @heritageireland@twitter.com @HeritageHubIRE@twitter.com @sotm@twitter.com

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