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Mapping the addr:city tag in @openstreetmap@twitter.com around Dublin. Dublin obviously has a large reach, perhaps too far with the Balbriggan addresses, but interesting to see some of the areas that stand out.

Thanks to @UrbnWarfareDuck@twitter.com for the suggestion.

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Thanks for all your contributions! now finished and ready for mappers to add addresses and building levels

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There are plenty of resources on how to get started in OpenStreetMap

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if there’s a worse signpost I’d love to see it

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Although the source map images we had were... pretty rough.

Left is what we had. I've highlighted the townland border in yellow on the right. 🙂

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Well this could have been awesomely useful for when we were mapping townlands in

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More experiments with .js smart segmentation: extra polyline simplification produces cleaner shapes. Tracing map features with will never be the same 🚀

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Lunch with @grischard@twitter.com et al. Slowly the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board is meeting! 🙂

I got an invite code to . you know what that means! Time to visit the Foundation in the rC3 world

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Me: just be normal at this party.

Also me: ask them what their favorite map projection is.

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Looking for presents for some niblings, and I'm glad this puzzle book is promoting since its why the kiddos get this puzzle page.

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The @OpenStreetMap@twitter.com community in Ireland (@osm_ie@twitter.com) has an ongoing project to map all of the buildings in Ireland.

This is a time lapse of those 1,831,044 buildings being added to the map.

Made in with the temporal controller.

Day 24 "Historical"

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Excuse me @StreetComplete, haven't we talked about this sort of thing before.

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street names in , ní gá a bheith i do ghinias chun é sin a thuiscint. youtu.be/5pHjqF_KRhQ .@johncreedon@twitter.com .@ManchanMagan@twitter.com @osm_ie@twitter.com

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Finally met @liotier@twitter.com in person.
Slowly the Foundation Board will meet in person, one by one. 😂

I might try to make some of these maps this year... 🤔 Of course using only data and open tools. 🙂

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🎉Categories for 2021 🎉

Join in to create maps around these themes. Use your creativity and share your results with others! Starts 01/11/2021.

More information: github.com/tjukanovt/30DayMapC

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When you visit England and need to bring the level of detail in up to German standards

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I was asked to share the vacancy maps done in again. Here is Youghal with the vacant/ abandoned buildings in red (top left is the Carnegie Library, btw). And here is the query: overpass-turbo.eu/s/1bFf
.@AliPHarvey@twitter.com @osm_ie@twitter.com

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The documentation for making modules has this 90's internet graphical design vibe

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