Logaimn.ie, the Placenames database, has gotten a new website design. 🙂 logainm.ie/


But never fear! Townlands.ie isn't going away. 🙂 The premier based map of historical admin boundaries in will continue! 🙂

I'm working on an internal rewrite of Townlands.ie which should make it much more robust and less likely to go down. 🙂

Currently Townlands.ie is a Django web application ( github.com/osmie/osm-irish-tow ), which only works on old versions of Django/PostgreSQL/Ubuntu (because I haven't spent the time to keep it up to date 😅)

I'm rewriting it with a static site generator, so (at the backend) it will only need to serve up raw static HTML pages.

First task: Write this custom static site generator software (yes in 😂 🦀⚙️) and lots and lots of 🐘

@RyunoKi I've seen Zola & Cobalt. But most SSG are aimed for blogs. A list of plain text files that are laid out like a blog.

I want something that can generate a website from a SQL database. Look at townlands.ie/ and you'll see it's not a “blog”.

I see.

Nevertheless might be worth to study the code and issues to see, whether there are pitfalls to avoid.
Or tricks to learn.

If you're done yakshaving, please add your SSG to the list :-)

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