How can we tag (in ) that the employees in a venue are in a labour/trade ?

What about `employee_union=yes/no`? What do you think?

Some countries have seen an increase in places like coffee shops being unionised, and some people want to filter based on this.

Obv. there are regional differences, about closed shops, or whether all employees are in a union, or places where `=no` isn't a bad thing (right?), or whatever. This can't cover everything.

obv. I'm thinking of things like consumer facing cafés here, rather than things like a car factory, or hospital, or things like that. My idea may, or may not, be relevant here. Please feel free to correct me.

@amapanda What about small family businesses where being in a union doesn't make sense? I appreciate your good intentions, but make sure it doesn't inadvertently harm someone innocent.

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