@ak editing the *images* in Google Street View? I know they blur some things, but I don't think they'd go as far as adding/removing a bollard from all relevant images...

Who knows though...

@amapanda @ak just practically though adding data from #GSV breaks the important characteristic of #openstreetmap in that it's based on multiple independently verified sources of information.

@abeorch @ak ish. *lots* of data in OSM comes from a single mapper with a single observation. Yes, all data must be “verifiable”, so any other mapper could come to the same conclusion (give or take), but it's totally fine if there is only a single source of information.


@abeorch @ak It's possible for data to come from multiple sources of information. But in all cases, the source(s) of information have to be legally OK to use in OSM, 🙂

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