"huh my Internet connection is timing out"

*twiddles thumbs*

"I know! I'll do some mapping to pass the time"

hang on...


hm, do you use firefox by any chance?
All my firefoxes is timing out

@selea yes I do! And I also see the same error. Chrome on the same desktop works, and curl on command line...

Wonder what's up with Firefox?

@amapanda and @selea, I have the exact same issue for the past hour, only Firefox, not even Tor Browser was affected


@selea @xarvos @cnx Firefox on my Debian laptop on the same wired network doesn't have this issue (prev was an Ubuntu desktop)

@amapanda, @selea and @xarvos, Tor Browser is based on Firefox ESR for it’s prolly an issue with a more recent release.

@selea, @amapanda and @xarvos, it just suddenly started working again w/o the need of the workaround on my end (my first post on this thread was when it’s working again)

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