Remember folks, you can't make edits to OpenStreetMap based on what you see in Google StreetView

One could make all sorts of arguments about whether adding the existance of a road that one sees on GSV, counts “““copying””” or not

And one could make another argument that “Well the GSV Terms of Service says one cannot do that, but if I don't think just visiting a website binds me contractactually to the ToS, so 😛”

But you're forgetting something important about OpenStreetMap that someone much wiser than me said:

is not a project to explore the grey areas of international copyright law”

For years, the community has taken a “better safe than sorry” approach to what sources are acceptable, and erred on the side of not using something with questionable copyright/database rights status.

So yeah, maybe technically, if you squint your eyes, and you copy from GSV, and add things, Google Inc. isn't going to sue you, and the cops won't kick down your door if you do it just this one time. But the standard is to not do that.

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