@michuvon If you want to count them all in the photo, go ahead 😜

@amapanda 😂 i can understand that. i wouldn't want to, too.

@Strubbl @amapanda

on a serious note, this is surely a very good reason to encourage people working for the local Council to contribute to OSM. I can't imagine a bike park being built in Germany *without* there being some meticulous records kept of exactly how many bikes can be safely parked there (on top of historical correspondence with the Planning department arguing for it to be built in the first place instead of car parking spaces...)

Yeah german bike racks, planned for 200 bikes with a width of 300mm where no human being can reach between the bikes to lock or unlock the bike. Or with realistic occupation the limit is 50 bicycles.
@Strubbl @amapanda

@amapanda this is hilarious :blobwhee:
I have never came across a question like this on #StreetComplete

@jorge oh? It should ask you that for any bicycle parking..

@amapanda I meant, where it is so complicated to count them 😅

@jorge which tells you something about how good your bike infrastructure is 😂

@amapanda I‘m counting space for about 25 in the row facing the camera. Count the rows, multiply by 25 and you’ll have a good estimate. 😉

@amapanda you can roughly estimate. It's not meant to be precise.

@benoit my inner data quality nerd won't allow me to be so sloppy 😛😛😛

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