I ordered another batch of “ Surveyor Was Here” stickers. ☺ They've always been popular.

If there's an design/logo/image that you would like as a sticker, I can do the hard work of turning an image into stickers. 🙂 Just contact me and ask. 🙂

@amapanda maybe the #StreetComplete app's logo to show that support? (if it's allowed)

@gappleto97 Better that selling, we're giving them away for free! 🙂

Email your address to and I'll post you 10 stickers anywhere in the world for free. If you want 10 “OSM Surveyor was here”, I can send you that (I have some left). You can see the design on: I can send you any combination of stickers that are on that page.

We can send a 600 sticker conference pack of those stickers, just write about the bare minimum about group or event.

@gappleto97 If you're concerned about money, you can always make a donation to the OSMF ( ). But honestly, it's much better if you join the OSMF or tell you friends about OSM etc.🙂

I am currently working on a variation of the logo. That would be great.
This is a modest work, i am no graphist 😓

I also made a variation for my local group to be. Posting Stickers on street furniture could be a nice way to make peuple aware of osm 💡

@LySioS excellent. 🙂 Let me know how you are getting on. 🙂

I was planning to write a diary entry about it when it's over.

I'll send you some previews tonight. It could be considered finished. The longest part is now for me to make my mind upon the countless useless details 😄

@amapanda It would be nice to have such stickers in various languages - I'd order some to use in my country too

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