Currently this instance ( is hosted & paid for privately by me. Should I move this to the OSMF payment & control?

I am on the OSMF Board BTW, and this was a recommendation of the OSMF's FOSS Policy Special Committee

I've started the process of getting funding for this mastodon instance from the OSMF. 🙂


Good news! The has agreed to fund this server. More details to come.

Could it be renamed to

@reclus I haven't thought about that much.
I like the idea of keeping the “en” part, to show that the english language isn't №1. I took the idea from
wouldn't everyone's links break if we changed the domain?
Would we lose all followers (etc) if we changed the domain?

@amapanda does this mean I need to read many pages of etiquette guidelines now?

@InsertUser there will be no change to the moderation, or administration, of this instance

The informed it will financially support the Mastodon service. While the OSMF is funding this project, there will be no change to the moderation and administration (the OSMF “supports, but does not control” OpenStreetMap, as they say it).

Blog post:

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