Currently this instance ( is hosted & paid for privately by me. Should I move this to the OSMF payment & control?

I am on the OSMF Board BTW, and this was a recommendation of the OSMF's FOSS Policy Special Committee

I've started the process of getting funding for this mastodon instance from the OSMF. 🙂

Good news! The has agreed to fund this server. More details to come.

@amapanda Are there any rules for OSMF to operate the instance? I mean.. some guarantees it will not be shut down, for example? Not sure how this works in OSMF.

@qeef Good point. How about I propose a motion for the OSMF Board to accept the transfer, with a requirement that if the OSMF doesn't want to do it anymore, that they will offer it to be turned over to someone else, rather than turn it off?

@qeef Like, technically, you have no legal guarantees that *I* won't turn this server off! 🤣🤣 (I won't 🙂)

@amapanda I know, but I tend to trust people more than organizations :)

@qeef Please suggest any rules, or conditions, that you think I should put in place. 🙂 What would make you feel comfortable?

@amapanda offer rather than turn off is good.

Maybe some clause about preventing of blocking other connected instances?

I'm a bit worry about "server rules" and "terms of service", too.

What about administrators? You stay? Or someone is voted? Or someone is chosen?

I don't think all these must be solved now. However, I think that if someone complains about the change, the OSMF should be forced to rollback, and discuss before the change. Or maybe discuss any change in advance?

@qeef I am suggesting that I continue to mod & admin this server, that I continue to operate it as it has been operated before. I will put that as the OSMF Board motion.

I often have to block new spam accounts, it's not practical to "discuss that with the community" first. That process should (IMO) continue.

@amapanda Good. Blocking spam makes sense, so remove "Or maybe discuss ..." from my previous post: "However, I think that if someone complains about the change, the OSMF should be forced to rollback, and discuss the change."

@qeef @amapanda See the “Mastodon Server ” for inspiration:
It has a clause the provider must moderate, perform backup, and give a 3-months termination notice.

@amapanda @all What if any OSM login would be (optionally) an login for this instance?

@karlos Oh that would be awesome. the OSM website now has OAuth2 which might make something easier. Do you want to look into that, and see if that can be turned on in mastodon?

@amapanda Oh! I even don‘t know, in what langue the server is codet in.
May be is already implemented.
Hello admins???

@karlos Well this server is Mastodon which IIRC is also Ruby on Rails, but since OAuth2 is a HTTP web standard, the software the servers are written in shouldn't matter

@Doudouosm @amapanda An Issue, a merge request or a branch, there is always a way.

Ruby on 🚂 ❓🤓

@karlos @Doudouosm oh lol, I literally commented on the Mastodon issue tracker about this almost 3 years ago with this specific example :P

@amapanda I guess I don't have much of an opinion on this, it's not like HDYC et al are run by the central org. Would blessing by taking it under the OSMF annoy

@InsertUser Interesting point. I don't want to annoy them. I quite like many French OSMers, even though I don't speak French

@InsertUser @InsertUser Whenever I promote this instance, I try to promote too

Like this flyers I give out at @sotm

@amapanda Nice. Could be interesting for the other instances maintainers, too.

Could it be renamed to

@reclus I haven't thought about that much.
I like the idea of keeping the “en” part, to show that the english language isn't №1. I took the idea from
wouldn't everyone's links break if we changed the domain?
Would we lose all followers (etc) if we changed the domain?

@amapanda That's good. I recall that OSMF reached out to ask if I wanted to manage OSM's fedi presence but I pointed them your way because I'm kinda going through a lot right now and can barely manage my own.

@amapanda does this mean I need to read many pages of etiquette guidelines now?

@InsertUser there will be no change to the moderation, or administration, of this instance

Just joined this instance ( Thank you for making it possible @amapanda

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