First task: Write this custom static site generator software (yes in 😂 🦀⚙️) and lots and lots of 🐘

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I'm rewriting it with a static site generator, so (at the backend) it will only need to serve up raw static HTML pages.

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Currently is a Django web application ( ), which only works on old versions of Django/PostgreSQL/Ubuntu (because I haven't spent the time to keep it up to date 😅)

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I'm working on an internal rewrite of which should make it much more robust and less likely to go down. 🙂

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But never fear! isn't going away. 🙂 The premier based map of historical admin boundaries in will continue! 🙂

Show thread, the Placenames database, has gotten a new website design. 🙂

I could write a programme to do this, but I can't do _everything_ in rust.


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What's the state of the art for doing processing in in the browser?

e.g. I have a ~60km GPX file, ~100 points, and I wanna know the nearest distance of each point to the line.
I know exactly how to do this in postgis, or even by hand. I know basic JS. How can I do this in JS on a webpage? (pref. non nodejs)

It can be a bit annoying when you try to swap out the data directory for an update. And I wished it failed fast when the data directory wasn't there, rather than making an empty database

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Once again, I'm installing the photon geocoding software. It really easy to install and run. 🙂

Is there a name for phenomena where people are more likely to complain about something, than to praise it?

Likewise, how it's easier to describe the flaws of something, than to describe it's benefits/advantages?

As the tooltip points out, it's because is powering Apple Maps (in lots, but not all, places), and is actually pretty good.

Come join us, and help make a map of the world for everyone.




The weeklyOSM team now runs this Mastodon account.

It's times like this that you hope all restrooms in the neighborhood are mapped in #OpenStreetMap, with their opening hours.

I can imagine the hellish queues now.
RT @gangbadoy
Hydrate, then wiwi. So you can hydrate again.

(thank you to whoever laid this jpg out)

“Bad Metaphors: Community”
> A false shorthand for unity provides a cover for corporate interests
🤔 Oh yeah, a lot of big corps & power structures like to claim that the space they control is a “community”

obv. I'm thinking of things like consumer facing cafés here, rather than things like a car factory, or hospital, or things like that. My idea may, or may not, be relevant here. Please feel free to correct me.

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Obv. there are regional differences, about closed shops, or whether all employees are in a union, or places where `=no` isn't a bad thing (right?), or whatever. This can't cover everything.

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