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.@StatSchweiz@twitter.com sehen wir das richtig, dass zwar gemäss housing-stat.ch/de/index.html der Anhang des VGWR im April angepasst wird (gut), aber weiterhin die Attribute der Zugangsklasse A (ausser den Adressen) nicht als maschinenlesbarer Datensatz öffentlich verfügbar sein werden?

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OSM Uganda training the OSM community on how to map with smartphones using the Vespucci app, this is efficient in cases where one cannot access a computer.

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Der nächste OSM-Stammtisch (bzw. Treffen) Zürich findet diesen Do. 11. Nov. 2021 ab 18:30 Uhr statt in der Bitwäscherei (Nähe Bahnhof Hardbrücke). Man kann auch virtuell teilnehmen, z.B. für Mapping-Fragen! Infos+Anmeldung wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE

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@traversymedia@twitter.com Roughly chronological

- forgotten what we used with UCSD pascal
- edlin
- edit (MS-DOS)
- Turbo Pascal
- ed how else are you supposed edit on a DECwriter?
- with cat > file naturally

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Some great candidates for @OpenStreetMap@twitter.com Foundation board this year, but still 5/6 male, 6/6 European+US, predominantly tech company workers. I wish we had a more global board (& I like @sp8962@twitter.com’s idea of extending nominations for a week to encourage one). wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Fo

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Can anybody corroborate the following (from IRC):

> has anyone else noticed if one mentions 'openstreetmap' in a youtube comment that the post becomes instantly blocked? both with and without link included

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Der nächste OSM-Stammtisch Zürich findet nächste Woche am Montag, 11. Oktober 2021, ab 18:30 Uhr statt in der Bitwäscherei (Nähe Bahnhof Hardbrücke). Man kann auch virtuell teilnehmen! Infos und unverbindliche Anmeldung

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Nach ein paar Verzögerungen jetzt doch boris.unibe.ch/159438/ Daten in integrieren – ein Leitfaden für Dateninhaber @OpendataCH@twitter.com

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After months of planning, we now have server infrastructure in Dublin Ireland. Why physical? Excellent bandwidth costs (10Gbit/s) and access to raw CPU power / IO. Thank you to team involved. ❤️💻🇮🇪

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The attribution issue with utilizing @swisstopo@twitter.com data that remained after March has now been resolved, see lists.openstreetmap.ch/piperma Thanks again to everybody that assisted with the process.

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We're still trying to locate a usable source for the Italian - Swiss border to verify that we've got the border correct in around Monte Generoso openstreetmap.org/#map=19/45.9 see lists.openstreetmap.ch/piperma

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Remember how I was an annoying PITA wrt trademarks the decade or so that I was on the foundations LWG? That was to avoid stuff like postgresql.org/about/news/trad

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Pages 158/159 mention Vespucci ... some how it would seem time that we get a @Wikipedia@twitter.com entry. Particularly that we've been around since 2009 (very early both for an Android app and ). twitter.com/sp8962/status/1437

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A modicum of normality, annual mapping party in Zürich (after it not happening last year).

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Video on the combined use of wikidata and in
IFS Castle Dossier Map - Technical Showcase youtu.be/tJTTh2BlUuk

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New @Strava@twitter.com routing feature in @gcntweet@twitter.com video youtu.be/eLyNIPF7TAU mention (slightly obfuscated) around 14 min.

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