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I just published an article about Making Accessibility Accessible, an open-source app where information becomes easily accessible for users. @osocode@twitter.com @fodspfbosa@twitter.com onwheels and @osm_be@twitter.com link.medium.com/8Tl1uaqQ1rb

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Demoday! 4 weeks of improving MapComplete with 4 students is coming to an end - with presenting our work for accessibility on MapComplete

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is running at full blast 🔥 want to know more about the 10 projects the teams have been working on? Sign up to participate in our : bit.ly/DemoDayOsoc22

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We have been participating in @osocode@twitter.com for the last weeks. The newest features will be presented during the demoday - and you're all invited to come!


MapComplete's main dev is at MCH - feel free to come over and to say hi (or to follow the 'OpenStreetMap for beginners' talk)

A healthcare-related map has landed as well. It features pharmacies, doctors, dentist offices and a few more POI: mapcomplete.osm.be/healthcare.

Adding the opening hours and phone number of your doctor is now easier then ever.

Another really cool new feature: questions with tons of answers now have a _searchable_ field. Especially useful for e.g. shop types. BTW: the shop types are borrowed from the the iD-tagging-scheme-project. Less maintenance work for me!

Allright, the build was fi-na-lly fixed. Another really cool new theme on MapComplete is the rainbow-crossings theme: mapcomplete.osm.be/rainbow_cro

If you ever wanted to map where those rainbow crossings are, now you can find them!

Made by openstreetmap.org/user/bxl-for

This one was requested by @anywayseu@twitter.com - we're adding a new layer on our mobility data explorer (anyways.eu/map/?view=trips) which (you guessed it) has school-home traffic. (Don't worry, we don't actually know where students live nor are we interested in that)

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A major update just landed with a ton of improvements. The first one is a new theme about _educational_ features (school, universities but also kindergartens and child care): mapcomplete.osm.be/education

This is what happens if 4 students, myself and some other contributors go full speed... Looking forward to getting all these features in the main branch, but let's hope there aren't too much merge conflicts!

Wait - how did this happen? Already 150 followers on mastodon? This is probably a side-effect of all the FOSS-enthusiasts here.

The students of @osocode@twitter.com have been busy: they created a (first version of) a map with healthcare facilities: pietervdvn.github.io/mc/develo

There is still quite a bit missing, but it is a start!

First three days of @osocode@twitter.com have been a blast. Intense, hectic and chaotic (as usual), but a few small new themes are already emerging... Stay tuned, they'll go live soon...

An LGBTQ+ flavoured MapComplete theme is in the works!

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We have globally launched the RAINBOW MAP by MapBeks through today!
Visit mapbeks.org/therainbowmap
In this map, you can edit, add , update, delete information of known LGBT friendly and primary spaces directly to @OpenStreetMap@twitter.com

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And there is another new theme which is hidden by default yet, as it is not finished. Join the MapComplete chat to get some *education* and you might be able to try it

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A new version of MapComplete is online. Apart from many bugfixes, it features a new theme about maxSpeeds by @yopaseopor@twitter.com : mapcomplete.osm.be/maxspeed

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Want to contribute to LGBT spaces all over the world? Join us on AP Hub's Map & Chat Hour this 24 June 2022 and learn how to use the new RAINBOW Map via @MapComplete@twitter.com! Put your LGBT friendly cafes, LGBT orgs, or safe spaces in your community.
Register here: tinyurl.com/MACHREG062022

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Are you a student with programming experience, looking for an exciting job during July? We'll be doing a MapComplete-project about accessibility and still searching for students. More info at osoc.be/students

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