An LGBTQ+ flavoured MapComplete theme is in the works!


We have globally launched the RAINBOW MAP by MapBeks through today!
In this map, you can edit, add , update, delete information of known LGBT friendly and primary spaces directly to


And there is another new theme which is hidden by default yet, as it is not finished. Join the MapComplete chat to get some *education* and you might be able to try it

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A new version of MapComplete is online. Apart from many bugfixes, it features a new theme about maxSpeeds by :


Want to contribute to LGBT spaces all over the world? Join us on AP Hub's Map & Chat Hour this 24 June 2022 and learn how to use the new RAINBOW Map via! Put your LGBT friendly cafes, LGBT orgs, or safe spaces in your community.
Register here:


Are you a student with programming experience, looking for an exciting job during July? We'll be doing a MapComplete-project about accessibility and still searching for students. More info at

For those who don't like twitter: this account is bridged to on Mastodon! Toot!

New in MapComplete since today: browser nearby images from Mapillary and other source! And of course, you can link them to an already existing object.

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