Do you know about "quests" for ? It gamifies OSM editing, and encourages users to improve nearby features.

Contributors may include photos to their notes. However, as soon as notes are closed , the photos are also automatically deleted.

Curious? NotesReview [0], can find and display these photos.

Sadly, the photos are not openly licensed [1] , and are only meant for use by the original contributor.


@MapAmore I didn't know that about the licencing! I usually try to put reference photos on Flickr or Wikimedia Commons anyway, but the feature in StreetComplete is pretty handy and I've definitely been telling people to use it.

@samwilson @MapAmore I also did not know this. Anyway the photo's resolution is way too small to make a meaningful use of them anywhere else


@Strubbl @samwilson

For some, the resolution is not a problem, but using it for something else, for example, extrapolating additional information from the photo.

If the license of the image is not OSM-compatible, then strictly speaking, nobody other than the owner, can use it.

@MapAmore @Strubbl @samwilson

I am wondering if it might make sense to create a GitHub issue where the author of photo can choose the licence similar to how does it and/or defaulting to CC0.

@barefootstache @Strubbl @samwilson

Yeah, that's an option to consider, and will definitely be more explicit than what it's like today.

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