You probably heard of , the swiss knife map app that uses data, but do you know that there's a web-based interface, too?

Check out, and plan your trips with routing, and various map rendering options, while doing so in the comfort of your desktop browser.

It even includes weather forecasts, if you're trying to avoid getting wet for your weekend ride.

You don't even need to register for an , or account to use it.

@MapAmore oh my gosh is that new???? I have Waydroid installed exclusively for OSMand, let me see how good the web UI is :blobcateyes:

@MapAmore …hmmm, no public transport, that’s my #1 need :blobcatderpy: I think Transportr is a much better public transport app than osmand personally.

@xerz good point! I wonder if that was an oversight?

@MapAmore this seems to be entirely different than the Android app and barely shares any features?

@jomo I don't think it's meant to replace the app. At least, I don't think so.

@MapAmore I am an OsmAnd user and I didn't know this! Thank you!

I've used #OsmAnd for years, because I didn't want to use anything that used Google Maps. I wasn't even looking for a route planner, but only for a GPS logger, but with OsmAnd I got both :sunglasses:

But sometimes it just can't calculate a route. Not sure why, the error message "-1" isn't very helpful.


True, "-1" is too cryptic. 😁

It's possible that it could be some sort of highway or route restriction in data is preventing it from completing a calculation.

Have you tried it with other router that uses OSM? Perhaps, ?

If it doesn't route as expected, you can look into the details in OSM.

Sometimes, an outdated bicycle=no, can prevent routing thru a particular path.

@MapAm💜re It's usually a route that I drove in the opposite direction earlier, so it should be able to find it. Rather frustrating to be in a big city, wanting to find the motorway, but seeing "-1" on the screen.

Doesn't happen very often, by the way.

@hans hmmm. Inconsistent behavior is more difficult to replicate.

Give other routers a whirl, to discount the possibility that it's a data issue, and not the app/routing algorithm.

@MapAmore I can't get the same overlay as in your preview for weather forecast. Maybe it is dependant on my country ?

Because as a motorcycle rider, this feature is very interesting to me.

@Zekovski That is possible, but try zoooooming out.

At first, I thought it was weird that I wasn't seeing anything but apparently at lower levels, the overlay is not visible at all.

Haha ! You're right !
There was simply no rain where I was looking. 😄


I'm not sure if I understood you correctly, but you only need a browser and then go to , and made for desktop users in mind?

The UI is definitely *not* optimized for the mobile user, so I suppose if you're mobile you'd end up with the app.

@MapAmore my mistake, i always associate maps with a cell phone. 😅

I had looked for an app for this on and only found this:


Yeah, the link doesn't appear to be mentioned in their websites.

You might notice that there's a login option for pro subscribers.

For those looking for a mobile app alternative I recommend Organic Maps:


Yeah, that's nice, too. A mature, actively developed, and much improved fork of .

@MapAmore I don't seem to have a "Route" option. Any idea why it would not appear?


The "route" display is dynamic.

You need to set the start/end of the route by right-clicking on the desired points.

@MapAmore if only #osmand could actually find a chinese address in taiwan. I always have to search in google maps on the web and copy the gps coords from back of the url

Guess it is useful for non asian addresses though?


Would love to see examples. In our region, a minimum of housenumber and street name (if they are mapped) works as expected.

What is the convention for searching addresses in Taiwan?

is reported to prefer a Euro-centric(?) top-down approach, by specifying the province, city, village, street (or their equivalent).

@MapAmore i have never had any address searching work in taiwan. I alwaus have to zoom in on the map and guess the area. I use it for navigating for big things then wife takes over with google when closer.

Here is last example that didn't work. This is an address on a very main road in Taipei.


That's interesting. I tried the same address in , which runs , and I got the correct(?) result.

The strings I used were:
* "羅斯福路二段 10"
* "nanfu roosevelt road 10"

Could it be an issue?

@MapAmore cool now if only that could work in osmand.


I have an tip for you. Pair it with the app, for a better search experience.

I don't think it plays well with CJK languages, but if you're also using latin languages, the search results are better than what you get from the search results from Osmand.

Do let us know how it works out with Chinese, if you try it out.

@MapAmore photon doesn't play at all with chinese.

Sadly i just don't bother with gps living taiwan. If gps was important to me i would use google maps.

It feels like a chicken an egg problem; open source stuff usually western centric so asia doesn't use it.

Open source is great if you use English though.


Hi again. I think I found something that works for me in .

A slightly different way to search:

0. Activate Search and click the Address tab.
1. Enter the city/locality
2. Specify the street (optional)
3. Type in the house number and street (if you skipped step 2), or the name of the feature you're looking for.

Sorry for the ugly image. I am mobile when I tried this out.

Hope it works for you.


Another user from Taiwan shared that "You have to manually seperate (sic) city, street name and housenumber by white space", which was implied by another user by Viet Nam, when they mentioned the recent tokenization improvements with

@MapAmore yes this seems to work.

Doesn't understand streetnamehousenumber but can handle: house number streetname

So kinda works but annoying. I guess osmand+ has very few people testing their maps in HK, China, or Taiwan.

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