Do you know about "quests" for ? It gamifies OSM editing, and encourages users to improve nearby features.

Contributors may include photos to their notes. However, as soon as notes are closed , the photos are also automatically deleted.

Curious? NotesReview [0], can find and display these photos.

Sadly, the photos are not openly licensed [1] , and are only meant for use by the original contributor.


@MapAmore I didn't know that about the licencing! I usually try to put reference photos on Flickr or Wikimedia Commons anyway, but the feature in StreetComplete is pretty handy and I've definitely been telling people to use it.


Don't you wish there's an option for the contributor to state that the photos are CC0, or some other OSM-compatible license?

Anyway, the photos are volatile, too, and will be deleted when the notes are closed (or the server runs out of space.) . Definitely not meant for long-term storage.

@MapAmore I'd say it should *default* to an open license. Just make it clear to the user -- but surely if they're happy for their map data to be open then their photos should be too?

I think I'll stick to Flickr (for badly composed photos) and Commons (for any that might have a use beyond just OSM) from now on.


You're right though, that it's pretty convenient. Users don't have to switch apps, or sign-up for other services.

I would suppose is encouraging contributors to resolve their own notes, with attached photos. 😃

@samwilson @MapAmore I also did not know this. Anyway the photo's resolution is way too small to make a meaningful use of them anywhere else

@Strubbl @samwilson

For some, the resolution is not a problem, but using it for something else, for example, extrapolating additional information from the photo.

If the license of the image is not OSM-compatible, then strictly speaking, nobody other than the owner, can use it.

@MapAmore @Strubbl @samwilson

I am wondering if it might make sense to create a GitHub issue where the author of photo can choose the licence similar to how does it and/or defaulting to CC0.

@barefootstache @Strubbl @samwilson

Yeah, that's an option to consider, and will definitely be more explicit than what it's like today.

@MapAmore Do you know if that is a concious decision by the @streetcomplete team? The wording in the app implies the notes are to be used by anyone.

@jambamkin @streetcomplete

I think you might find it interesting to read the GitHub ticket issue in the original post.

@MapAmore @streetcomplete Got it now, I assumed it was just a link tothe project as the Mastodon app shortens long links. I could not see in the gh issue where the licence for use in the map was discussed. It seemed the main issues were legal edge cases.

@jambamkin @streetcomplete

My understanding of the discussion is that all photos are "All rights reserved" by the owner.

If wish to use it, and you're not the owner, you need to ask their permission to use for OSM.

Following OSM convention, explicit permission is requested if the license is not cc0, or not OSM ODBL-compatible.

IMO, kinda tedious to do, for each photo.

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