Is your default search engine?

Then, if you use a lot, you might find it interesting thing to know that there are focused on OSM that you can simply type in your browser's search bar

!osm <something> - search for "something" in OSM.
!osmw <something> - search the OSM wiki (very good results!)
!taginfo <something> check for taginfo data about tagas or key/key-value pair
!otw <something> data mining query with

and more!

@jambamkin "premium search", huh?

How's the quality of their search results?

@MapAmore They just went freemium yesterday. Kagi's whole things is to use data from ad blockers to bring up results that don't overload you with ads. Plus you can raise/lower/block results from any domain you choose. They are using Google and Bing data to create the results so I usually find what I want first time. Sometimes I'll end up on a seven year old blog post on some random persons blog and find somthing truely interesting.

Very cool thanks, the problem is always the search results with OSM aren't that great but I'll test it out

@rastinza I agree with you, and that's why "!osmw" is so handy.

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