You probably hear of , one of the easy and free to use route planning tool for people on . The nice thing about it, is the user is not tied with any particular platform or service, and can generate routes in the ubiquitous format.

Since it's open source, there are many instances you can choose to use, but the one available from has some cool extra options, additional profiles to choose from, and sharing routes as QR codes.

@danbelascorogers Hi there!

As far as I can tell, these projects are not associated with each other.

The common denominator, I guess, is that they take advantage of data.

@MapAmore Hi! Well that's the thing, afaicr, the developers, and may have used their own data. Their routing through Berlin at least is very different to using OSMAnd for example. Just curious. Maybe others here know different

@danbelascorogers Actually, as much as I like , I like the routes that generates.

After they're generated, I send them as tracks to use in OsmAnd, which it then uses for navigation.

@MapAmore same for me with bbbike! I'll definitely check out #brouter as well.

@danbelascorogers Also, after generates the route, you can still tweak it before you export it for or other apps.

@danbelascorogers @MapAmore

The Credits section on their landing page, state that data comes from #OpenStreetMap , in addition to #SRTM for their height model, and #lidar data compiled by Sony for Northern Europe

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