Whenever you share a feature from , how do you give out the link?

If you choose "other", could you please elaborate ?

@MapAmore Given a choice, I like Open Location Code, but that isn't exactly easy to give out (but it makes life easier when trying to say it over the phone to my mother in law).

@MapAmore I'm talking the full OLC, not the "Cedar Rapids +23A1" version.


I used to do that, but realized that most users will end-up using their preferred apps, and the geo URI appears to be the most platform agnostic.

Often, the complaint I get (it's not in whatever-app maps!), and then I tell them they're app data is probably outdated, but it's in , but that's the exact spot. 😉

At the very least, they can navigate to the location.

@MapAmore A lot of the time I end up using it is when they are trying to find me while we are at the same venue.

What3words was good for that because it had that compass thing, but then w3w ended up being complete prats, so I switched to OLC for that mainly because I could say it in loud quarters.

@dmoonfire @MapAmore OLC seems to be the best form of "condensed coordinates" I've come across. And it's simple enough you could put it on the border of a printed map if you needed to.


Sorry about the limited choices. I wanted to add several more, including OLC, but 4 is the most it could have.

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