I've been wondering what app you primarily use on your mobile. If you're on Telegram, we're running a poll here that you can answer, if you're keen to do so: t.me/OpenStreetMapAsia/6930

The poll is not about why you use a particular app, or wether you use any other app - it's about what app that uses OSM data that you prefer to use most of the time.


We ran an informal poll of people on several channels to determine their **primary** navigation/mapping app that consumes OSM data. It's very likely that some people are using multiple apps, but the poll only asked them to choose one.

Impossible to mention all apps that but the popular apps were:
* OsmAnd 58% - both official and the version
* Maps.Me 35% - including the fork on called "Maps"
and a sprinkling of votes for ,

@MapAmore Would have probably got a broader cross section by sending out the same poll here, leaving it open for a month.


I thought about that before starting the poll and discovered that polls are limited to 4 choices, well at least for this instance.

The poll is running tho.

@MapAmore next time post the poll to a channel before sharing around, so that you get a view counter to estimate the response rate.

@Millesimus I haven't tried it, but could you say something about your favorite features of the app?

Well, I actually discovered through the desktop version which I use for my NaviPi. I like the great customisability for example in terms of UI and custom maps (also Non-OSM if need be) which are stored locally. However, it is a little complicated to tweak the navit.xml so that ETA matches with my driving style. :D

It sounds like the app is very customizable for people who are fond of tweaking the tools they use.

Thank you for sharing the info @Millesimus

@Millesimus @MapAmore

FYI, #OsmAnd 's routing.xml is configurable.

Also, in the latest v3.5 release they've added more configuration options including special routing options using your own

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