The Nº 496 highlights last week's ​ noteworthy map-py happenings.

. is now the default map for the bicycle router ☺️

And discover much more features for this new version 🥳

For the nth time, sharing the "portal" that takes us home from Makati (where we work) to Pasig (where we live). We hope that either the or could build a ramp here. Low-cost project, high-impact for commuters because cycling is transport.

Another great map generator from Peak-map ( allows you to pick any region of the world and print its high points in artistic, joyful manner. You know I had to try it out with the Philippines.

Confronto tra software GIS (annuale e mensile) dal 2004 ad oggi - solo Italia
fonte: Google Trend
creato da
idea di Totò

“Motorcycle taxis” were already part of transportation in the rural areas and mountains of Mindanao long before the NCR experiment. Anyone who travelled to communities there will be familiar with the ride.

Had to amuse yourself without a mobile phone!

This is awesome! Help add schools in the Philippines using open data

Interested in going to the global in South Africa? Try to apply for a travel grant, or a scholarship.
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Applications for @sotm 2020 scholarships are now open! This year we are offering new travel grants to reimburse a portion of travel costs, in addition to our previous program that fully covers all costs with a full scholarship:

quickly print the roads of your city with this tool, using data from - which makes it easy to add any missing roads, in case you find any.
Announcing website that allows you to print roads of any city

The Nº 494 highlights last week's ​ noteworthy map-py happenings.




This 1897 map of Philly cycle routes shows how bikeable the city was before cars ruled every street.

Imagine how far you could ride if all these red and blue lines had protected cycle lanes or were car-free 🚲

The barangay (village) government of Santa Ana in Taytay supported the effort logistically, and their mapping efforts were supplemented by volunteers.

The on-going task that utilizes the imagery is at

The community-contributed drone imagery in Lupang Arenda in Taytay Rizal has finally made it to the list of public imagery in iD.

Kudos to the team of local folks who made this happen: Katherine, Marianne, Bunny, Adrian, Leigh, Rally, Maning, Erwin

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We’re here! ☺️ OpenStreetMap Training for Mapping Mental Health Services with,,, and mental health volunteers! 💚

The view from the saddle , on a folding bike:
Dedicated to my fellow bike commuters and fellow pedal pushers :) "I’m one of the few, the proud, the brave, the masochistic, the borderline crazy, who choose to pedal around the city for work and pleasure." Thanks… https://www.i…

The shoreline of San Nicolas nearby (SW shore of the lake) has moved offward for several dozen meters according to the time laps via . I couldn't find any similar scale of the deformation at the other shores.

A volcanic eruption in 1816 is linked to the invention of the 's forebear in 1817, the dandy horse, and its present incarnation, the balance bike for kids.
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A bicycle-friendly Philippines would lead to happier, healthier, more productive and more disaster-resilient Filipinos.

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