4% of the 286 people polled selected "something else" and some mentioned the following apps: , ,

Are you using an awesome app other users are missing?

We ran an informal poll of people on several channels to determine their **primary** navigation/mapping app that consumes OSM data. It's very likely that some people are using multiple apps, but the poll only asked them to choose one.

Impossible to mention all apps that but the popular apps were:
* OsmAnd 58% - both official and the version
* Maps.Me 35% - including the fork on called "Maps"
and a sprinkling of votes for ,

One week into the new term and the students are back for , and contributing to mapping tasks in the , in particular the community mapping project in Lupang Arenda, Taytay, Rizal.

The community is using vertical and horizontal imagery collected earlier by friends of

Have you seen the latest #Mapillary detection data that has been made available for #MetroManila on #OpenStreetMap? You can also find traffic sign detections you can easily add to the map, to..

These are visible from the #iDeditor. Just go to Map Data and enable the features you want from the Mapillary options.

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11月の mapbox/OpenStreetMap meetup 「ドローンxmapbox」レポートが公開されました!来月の meetupとhands-on(12/4開催予定) の準備も進んでおります。

geo-news.jp/archives/928 geo-news.jp/archives/928

Frode is eighty, and bikes in Ballerup, Denmark. Since June, they've biked over 800km to their town using and has contributed over 190,000 photos which is being used by their local government for inventorying infrastructure.

Photos on are also made available for ML detections and to editors for street-level views.

h/t to Soren @neogeografen twitter.com/neogeografen/statu

MapAmore - Nº 486  sums up last week's most relevant news in and about

https:// weeklyosm.eu/en/archives/12536/

I've been wondering what app you primarily use on your mobile. If you're on Telegram, we're running a poll here that you can answer, if you're keen to do so: t.me/OpenStreetMapAsia/6930

The poll is not about why you use a particular app, or wether you use any other app - it's about what app that uses OSM data that you prefer to use most of the time.

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We’re gearing up for an exciting week in the Ivory Coast with @UnderstandRisk@twitter.com and @sotmafrica@twitter.com. If you’ll be attending make sure to check out our sessions, stop by our table, and stay tuned for a special surprise. See you soon, !

Hey folks! Let's bike to and support initiatives in the

Shoutout to our friends and the local


Would it be a surprise that probably has the most extensive map of and beyond?

We can still make it better!

Where can you have your bike repaired? Where can you pump air into your tyres? Where's your favorite bike shop? Where are the bike-friendly establishments?

Image is a screen shot from flosm's cycle map theme.

Kudos to all the folks who made this year's @FOSS4G_Oceania@twitter.com possible!
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And just like that, it's all over. 😢 Keep up@FOSS4G_Oceania@twitter.comd inspiring work - we're looking forward to hearing about it next time we meet. Kia ora rawa atu, haere rā.

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Lazy Melbournians need need red and green lights in their footpaths so they don’t need to look up from their phones, according to @eneerhut@twitter.com!

is active mapping on wheels, too! Watch this space for the upcoming workshops for people on bikes.


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Always a great way to start a Conference week!!! 😃
Looking forward to welcome more from the region 🌏🤩🤩🤩 twitter.com/GeochicasOSM/statu

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The next @openstreetmap@twitter.com elections are soon approaching, I'm excited to be running for this one along with some amazing folks from the community! If you haven't already, you can post your questions for the candidates by 13th Oct ✨

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Meet the woman who helped prove plate tectonics, and taught Jacques Cousteau a thing or two in the process: Marie Tharp.


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As one of the cities that’s leading the charge in promoting sustainable transport, we are proud to host Firefly Brigade-Philippines’s 20th Tour of the Fireflies

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