It's interesting that (a mapping/navigation app that consumes data) now highlights their privacy policy when it's used the first time

Do you know how your data is being used by other mapping apps in your device?

Need prepaid credits for your mobile phone? This delivery biker also offers a mobile top-up service.

Well, perhaps @openstreetmap may save you some grief (and maybe some shoes.) 😉
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Shortest walk from Hanoi to Vladivostok according to Google Maps

I stumbled into a user's edits who appears to have been exclusively editing with the awesome editor in the

Now, I know I'm not the lone user of this editor here. 😆

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The @openmapping_ap has assembled a tremendous team, and you can join them as a trainer! Apply by 8 October.

One of the least known features of is not that it consumes data, but that you can get data as fresh as a few hours.

It translates to more convenient navigation and better routing.

Here's a screenshot of , (a better fork of maps(dot)me) , and Google Maps of the improved intersection at Kapitolyo, .

Eventually, of course, other OSM data consumer apps (, , etc.) will reflect this update, but that may take weeks or months.

Wooh! Bike boxes in the Philippines!

Here's more information about them:
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What this is is more than just re-opening an intersection but a new age where streets are designed for all: Pedestrians, PWDs + children, and bikers: At-grade crossings, ramps, and bike boxes.

@NACTO guidebooks IRL! 🤩

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Heads up! @pistangmapa (Feast of Maps) conference 2021 from the is in its last week for call for proposals. They are looking for interesting open data/tech talks - do you have one up your sleeve?

Details here

Do you know that the service provides an interesting chronology of tag usage?

In this particular case, the graph shows how improving documentation leads to wider use.

It's not even an "approved" tag.

Some friends ordered kare-kare and crispy pata over the phone -- and forgot to check whether they're ordering from the nearest branch


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If these 38,933 cyclists — recorded in just four hours in only 32 locations of four Metro Manila cities — do not prove that there’s a need for better bike infrastructure in NCR… aba ewan ko na lang talaga.

OSM art is awesome art! This one uses the prettymaps Python library by @marceloprates_ that's based on osmnx, matplotlib, shapely and vsketch libraries.

Learn more about prettymaps at:

is going to support vector tiles soon! 💥
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We will start generating and hosting vector tiles in the next few months. Initially as an experiment, updated weekly. OSM planet -> -> MVT. Further details? 🌐📡

Data highlighting movement of people on foot/bikes/"other" on an map , from a 2021 road survey by local volunteers.

This was made in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, where all public transport options are restricted, or limited.
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Next, it is not enough to get the numbers of people on bikes but understanding what it means, like movements and behavior of cyclists on our roads, is important.


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@OSGeo Awesome! We're also having @pistangmapa 2021 online this November (similar to last year). is a free and open conference by and for the local open data, open mapping, and communities in the Philippines.

Do you enjoy indoor mapping for ?

Check out , the easiest way to map indoor features, and use imported floor plans (which, of course, has the permission to copy.)
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Nice, - the web editor for mapping building - is now available again! Try out e.g a train station building in France. Or see our institute location - with imagery: htt…

Found a group of contributors down in Mindanao who's been adding a lot of hard-to-find schools in Davao region. The data they've added were very helpful in identifying schools that couldn't be verified in .

Thanked them in changeset comments, and sent them hellos in DMs, but they appear to have stopped mapping a few months ago, just as sudden as they started. Was thinking they were part of a hyper-local initiative.

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