Here's how fared in the last May: map edits ⯯, total editors ⯯.

The dent in numbers appears due to the significant drop-off in edits made by organized editing teams working in PH.

Stats are closer to what *local* editing is like.

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Happy to have become involved with something beyond myself in more than a year. Here's to hoping for a people centered future. Also posting in a short while an observation.

I wonder what's going to happen to Amazon's own mapping team?
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The press release that nobody noticed and could quietly change an industry - Esri & HERE to power Amazon's location services

Our own contributor from the , Nalie is featured in this episode of :

Arnalie Vicario: Building inclusive spaces in OSM

Nalie is also an active moderator in the channel:

According to data, the top 10 provinces* in the with the most number of bike shops.

The surprising top province is , ahead only by one shop over Eastern Manila District (2nd District, NCR)

Items prefixed with asterisks ("*" are the sub-districts of the national capital region, and are not provinces. The NCR is the only region in the Philippines, not composed of provinces.

We also have a number of provinces with ZERO bike shops in OSM. 👀

It's close, but it's just called , @CarefreeCarfree

It's OSM, and awesome. 😉
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Everyone says it's impossible to cycle safely in London. In fact, there's already a huge network of cycle lanes and quiet streets (obvs more needed!). But finding them is really hard. Here's our guide to finding safe cycle routes using @openstreetmap :

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Opening @UNDP
🔷 Consultant


🗓 Exp. in 12 days

Editors from known organized editing teams contribute significantly. According to the data 36/50, and 65/100 of the top contributors are from OETs.

Also, 80% (+3%) of the data has been reviewed, with 8,081 tasks remaining.

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Here's how fared in the last April: map edits ⯯, total editors ⯭.

There was a huge jump in the number of editors adding data to the map, although total map changes actually dropped compared to March.

Thank you for contributing!

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Little teaser: this is a count we took just yesterday at Amang Rodriguez Ave., where we have protected bicycle lanes. During the peak hour, bicycle traffic exceeds private car traffic, but doesn't cause "traffic!"

Pasig is a cycling city. Metro Manila is a cycling city!

Somebody asked: how do get to nearby stops curated by volunteers with apps?

With OSM data, it will use routable bike lanes whenever possible, and will create an optimal route for cyclists, not for a motorist.

For detailed instructions, see:

It's always interesting to find unattributed, copy-pasted maps.

Here's an annotated OSM map by a city in the southern Philippines, announcing their bike lane plans [0], and how the data is actually like in OSM. [1]


Mapping fire hydrants, fire stations, fire extinguishers and ambulance stations in is now made easier with on

Try it out on or check the other themes that might tickle your fancy.

Mapa ng mga sa Pilipinas
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Saan may Community Pantry?

Maari mong icheck ang detalye ng mga community pantry sa pamamagitan ng pagclick sa mga pin sa mapa.

Maaari ring magdagdag ng pins o mismong mga community pantry sa kanilang mga lokasyon sa mapa. Heto ang guide:

New infrastructure for sustainable, is getting more evident.

Still confused with road signs. How's the blue sign different from the yellow one, indicating the cycling lane on a road? One is by DPWH, and the other is by an LGU?

No wonder we're missing all those features --- they've been having a conference here.


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