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Myths associated with car-oriented road planning and management should be exposed and challenged, especially because most Filipinos don’t have cars. Below are five myths that have contributed to the poor mobility environment in many Philippine cities. manilatimes.net/2021/03/06/bus

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Billions spent on novel gene-targeting cancer drugs provide a chance to live only 2.4-months longer! Here is the study: doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.24406.

This abysmal situation will change once cancer becomes recognized as a metabolic disease and not a genetic disease.

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NEDA Sec. Karl Chua at a 5 March 2021 webinar explaining why converting car lanes into bike lanes supports economic recovery. Most Filipinos don’t own cars. A bike lane moves many times more people than a car lane. Many more Filipinos today are cycling for their daily travel.

Erratum. Re contributions by known organized editing teams. Apparently, was on maintenance mode earlier.

The ratio of OET contributors to other mappers are: 33/50, 76/100, 146/200, and 318/500 - a bump up from the previous month.

Happy !

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Here's how the fared in the last February: total map edits went up with fewer contributors. Historically, the first quarter is the slowest part of the year.

According to data 43/50, and 93/100 top contributors are with organized editing teams

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Sharing road space with pedestrians and cyclists, especially on major roads, will deliver health, mobility and environmental benefits for all Filipinos, even for the small minority in cars. No better time than now. manilatimes.net/2021/02/27/bus

A few days ahead of celebrating , we're pleased to share with the OSM community that city government of in agreed to collaborate and share their biking related-datasets to the community.

Daghang salamat,

@fdroidorg@twitter.com You know it would be really nice if @fdroidorg@twitter.com would simply stop distributing a very old beta version with numerous issues andgering users, us and making a really bad impression.

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really is one of the best apps that uses / showcases data. They've been very successful in staying under the radar. 😅
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I'm of course struggling to switch fully Google Maps -> @openstreetmap, though Magic Earth app helps.

I use ProtonVPN and slowly will switch to @ProtonMail.

I've switched to @DuckDuckGo for search.

Tried @signalapp but prefer @telegram

What other transitions can I make?

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An important section in the New for which I was very vocal all these years. Thank @IndiaDST for bringing it in the policy. @girishk_soi

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First @openstreetmap workshop with the @NTUsg students was really fun! Lots of interesting questions from them as well! Looking forward to the Part 2! 😉

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An important section in the New for which I was very vocal all these years. Thank @IndiaDST for bringing it in the policy. @girishk_soi

user JesseAKARaccoon seems pretty happy using + mapillary_tools (with termux) python tools for uploading street-level imagery to

This trip down the rabbit hole 😁 started with their dissatisfaction of the official Mapillary app, not supporting the phone's wide angle lens.

Check out their latest post: osm.org/user/JesseAKARaccoon/diary/395817

They seem to be keen on working with mobile OSM tools: and

The school mapping project on in the is doing amazing progress in the last 3 weeks - over 100 schools added daily! 💥

Thanks to mappers, we're now down to the last 35% of pending tasks and hope we'd nail it this year! 😀

Spare a few minutes to add a few more schools today, and help improve foundational geodata.

Check out the task: maproulette.org/browse/challenges/9413

contributors in the started out strong for 2021. 🎉

January's total edits increased while total editors moved the opposite way, compared to December 2020 -- meaning, less people are editing more. 😉

~84% of the 54,870 changes recorded in January were made by top 50 user accounts, 81% of which are identified with organized editing projects.

How has OSM editing profiles changed in your region?

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Our cities don't need driverless cars.
Instead, they desperately need more carless drivers!

(pic by @modacitylife)

Melbourne archaeologists love the gold rush era Bibbs map & its colour-coded buildings. There's two known copies of the plan, held by PROV & the Melbourne City Council. Barbara Minchinton unravels the mystery of who made it, when & why: ow.ly/gqwC50CVSCd @cityofmelbourne

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Adto ta sa Cordova!

Congratulations to the Municipality of Cordova as they launch their newly established bike lanes at centennial road. Tune in to the municipal’s Facebook page at 8:00 AM, Wednesday, January 27 for the live ribbon cutting and launching of the project!

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Using and random YouTube drone video to generate pointclouds is fun. I'm amazed at how well it works with so little effort.
Can it be better, well yes, but... damn!

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