Update: this demo of RapiD is apparently just an experiment on integration with building datasets -- they aren't ML building detections. 😶

The mapping community in the is embarking on another project, this time hoping to complete the roads of province, collaborating with locals and the Lazi local government! We hope for extra 👐 and 👀 to contribute to the local map using the


Done with another round of socialization with university froshies, that introduced them to basics of improving . From verification, validation, and OSM integration through . They also learned how to use iD and for various mapping efforts of the community in the .

Many thanks to the continuing support of , the administration, and our hard-working ++ volunteers.

Maning Sambale shared their notes for the effort to map using editor, that showed a 36% increase in the roads of province.


First-time map-py conference participants share their insights from 2019 conference.

Monica talks of several firsts in her diary entry: osm.org/user/Monica%20May/diar . Welcome to adulthood! 😉

While Joseph share about their virtual travails and wonder about the future in: osm.org/user/JosephPada/diary/

We're glad to have you both! Thank you.

The community celebration in the (, to be exact) made it to the group collage in this week's featured image. 😄

Do add your celebration photos here: osm.org/wiki/Category:OpenStre

There are many ways to contribute to , and this group of young are obviously having fun, while they're at it.

The pedestrian crossing validation task is helping to improve the routing for , safety and in our region. Check it out: pygy.co/bUC

Volunteers from are continuing their contributions to the Lupang Arenda community mapping tasks during : tasks.hotosm.org/6228

Meanwhile, in the in Asia Telegram channel, somebody from reported that they're wrapping up their road mapping efforts in and are planning to start in soon.

Somebody from inquired whether they have plans to do follow-up on cleaning data imports FB has done in the past.


Nº 474 sums up the most relevant news about last week. Also, somebody posits that the next venue could be in the 🤪


tip for roof modelling: When mapping buildings, try to remember that we're trying to map the base of the building (footprint), and not the shape of the roof itself.

More mapping tips here: osm.org/wiki/Roof_modelling#Ty

Has your local community adopted any systematic strategies to deal with unresolved notes?

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