Apparently the desktop version of now uses an OpenStreetMap based map for their COVID-19 Dashboard

@SunSaint I don't buy this. I'm sure there is a slight legitimate increased demand for domestic rolls, but that does not match up with all shelves being immediately empty.

@rory I dunno, sounds like some comfy armchair mapping to me.

@BalooUriza @vincentxavier 🤷‍♂️ not like I'm going to take up cycling to work anyway. Takes to long and weather's crap, I'd probably have to shower at work.

@BalooUriza @vincentxavier Maybe. I have heard tyre dust raised as a concern for electric vehicles, presumably bike tyres degrade in a similar way. Joints do also wear out, but I think cycling's probably fairly low impact.

@tigzikk @Main_Tomato Lenovo has several that they call yoga (anything where the screen can fold back to act as a tablet). In the ThinkPad range I think there were 2 when I last looked. I got the one with discrete graphics. The look is very much a "classic" black plastic ThinkPad, but without the traditional bulk.

@tigzikk @Main_Tomato quite like the Yoga version I have. Touch screen and Wacom digitiser.

@BalooUriza @plausocks we have LED streetlights here that are quite good.
Although I'm not sure I really *need* to be able to read a book outside my front door at night. No noticed any bad glare off them.

@teslas_moustache I think has some stuff about wooden hinges if you have the time.

@karlos @weeklyOSM I would really like to see vector tiles on

@rory why are you making life so difficult for yourself? Your name works great in ASCII on mastodon.

@BalooUriza if I have the right place it looks like there's ample space for a roundabout.

@AkuAnakTimur You can usually get away with rendering a single zoom level and unticking JOSM's autozoom feature (on the right click menu). A sensible layer name let's JOSM autofill reasonable source tags too.

@AkuAnakTimur Nice to have an up to date tutorial. I think you should add this to the main Sentinel-2 page with the old one by Ff5722.
For construction areas a QGIS composite with band 8 instead of red highlights the foliage nicely. You can avoid the JOSM image plugin if you render tiles with QMetaTiles then point JOSM at them as a TMS layer (allows manual offset to match existing data).

So are the OSM-UK quarterly projects dead now?
I can't see any mention of ones for 2020 anywhere.

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