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@CjMalone well that was rather rambly. Shame that they're reinventing the wheel yet again for areas already well covered by commercial maps rather than taking the approach they already have in less well served parts of the world and contributing to OSM instead.

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When you're reading a project's documentation, finally get to the part you're looking for, and ...

@ifixcoinops human curated web directories? You mean the citations part of a Wikipedia page? :-P

@rory at last your dastardly scheme in running for election is revealed 😛

@ND3JR because you remember the days when that was a good way to get a fascinating new type of paper jam?

@Doudouosm @CjMalone @AkuAnakTimur Track has been redefined by the OSM wiki more and more narrowly towards agricultural use over the years but that is not its definition in general English and shouldn't be in OSM either. Their lack of formality and planning may not exist outside of agriculture in regions that have been heavily populated for the last two millenia but they persists outside of those contexts elsewhere.

@Doudouosm @CjMalone @AkuAnakTimur I think this is a very "old world" viewpoint. To me a track is something that tends to work around the underlying geography and gets improved only when needed. A proper service road would generally have the boulders/trees pushed out of the way rather than go around them even if it's then just left as gravel or dirt. In old countries you tend to only see this in agriculture and forestry, but I think it is wrong to use these as the defining characteristic.

@libreoffice from the article:
>Or worse, that you would have to use a command line tool like LyX

I've used LyX loads, never touched the command line for it.

@rory I was disappointed with the degree of customisation they offered when I was vaguely looking into it. Nice to know there is a print in demand service that'll do it.

@rory Ah, that makes sense. It didn't look like one from splashmaps' website.

Remember to vote if you're an OSMF member.

The email is easy to miss.

Lots of bloated messages on the OSM mailing lists right now.

Maybe we should move all discussion to Mastodon so people will have to get to their point!

The mailing lists are meant to support the hobby not be a full time job to read.

@AkuAnakTimur Windows 10 isn't so bad. And it and 8.1 are the only ones getting security fixes from Microsoft these days.

@BalooUriza I know someone like this. He bought a Cubot King Kong and it's lasted really well.

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The new version of (v26) has a fantasic new feature. It's much faster when download quests, and now will show you all the quests in an area. It's made things so so much faster & easier to use.

@AkuAnakTimur It's a shame they don't seem to have an option to link the old traces to OHM. That would be awesome.

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