@BalooUriza I know someone like this. He bought a Cubot King Kong and it's lasted really well.

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The new version of (v26) has a fantasic new feature. It's much faster when download quests, and now will show you all the quests in an area. It's made things so so much faster & easier to use.


@AkuAnakTimur It's a shame they don't seem to have an option to link the old traces to OHM. That would be awesome.

@BalooUriza I get really annoyed at how internet reliant apps are when I remember that the phone in my pocket is more powerful than the laptop I had in school. Somehow it managed to work without a constant mobile data connection.

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Offline 👏 functionality 👏 is 👏 not 👏 an 👏 edge 👏 case! 👏

@Tusky @fedilab

@rory So the only countries that count are on the continent huh?

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Nvidia Acquires ARM for $40 Billion

Nvidia announced on Sunday evening that it has reached an agreement to acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for a cool $40 billion.

In this age of headlines that use the b-word in place of nine zeros it’s easy to lose t… hackaday.com/2020/09/14/nvidia

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/13

@mb@sfba.social If you're in the relevant jurisdiction you got asked what you want your default browser to be until 2014.

@AkuAnakTimur Yes, we can now save to floppy disks 💾 rather than our hard drives. 😆

Some of the icons are much improved. others are a little confusing.

@AkuAnakTimur I'm sure this is a sentence, but my brain's going "nah" despite familiarity with all of the words.

Anyone else seeing nothing but grey tiles on openstreetmap.org for the standard layer?

Overpass turbo seems to be loading them fine.

@packetcat isn't that what 0 day used to mean? "People are exploiting this so you have 0 days headstart" rather than a theoretical vulnerability that will take some time to work up into a real threat?

@rory I find it amusing that so many computery people like ISO. They charge through the nose for just about everything and have a nasty habit of splitting things up into smaller and smaller chunks which coincidentally seems to make you pay for more and more table of contents pages.

@rory After the 'let's abandon name tags in favour of wikidata' discussion on the mailing list, I'm coming around to the idea of purging all wikidata tags from the OSM database.

It promises to make things way way more complicated than they need to be of we continue down this path.

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YouTube Rant 


Google knows how to make subscriptions work. All they have to do is dust off the Google Reader code. But this would allow viewers to easily choose what they want to watch, and that can't be permitted.

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