@rory Dunno how such things are meant to be handles, but is the slow demise of on the agenda for the next OSMF board meeting? Half the functionality has gone again.

@InsertUser Well we could put it on agenda item. And the problem with has been raised on mailing list.

Buuuut, what should we (the OSM community) do? Do you have any ideas?
• the h.osm.og software is open source, it's just been abandoned. If you fix the software, I'm sure the sysadmins would apply your fixes. (Please feel free to do this).
• We could deploy a new Q&A software instead, what do you suggest?
• We could try to set up a 'stack exchange' site?

@InsertUser I'm sorry if this sounds condescending, but it's kinda how OSM works right now⁽¹⁾. We're all volunteers, and waiting for someone to just Do The Work™…

⁽¹⁾ NB: I'm not saying this is how it _should_ work, just how it _is_ now.

@rory I was under the impression from the discussions that there was a "less abandoned" fork that it could probably be migrated to relatively simply, it was just enough of a PITA that it would need to be funded. Don't know if "we" already self host or if there would be additional running cost.

@InsertUser there was talk of a more modern one, but i think that project has since been abandoned 💩

@InsertUser currently OSMF does host But we could get a third party hosted service. The OSM sysadmins are very very overworked

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